Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The peculiar world of hospitals

Short report from my first day in room 2.

Just after a cold bowl of porridge, which was probably made with milk... we'll see how my body reacts to that. 
Thank goodness I had brought a pear, and ground nuts & seeds with me to bring the breakfast to the status of nourishing foods. I swapped the tea for a pot of boiling water (to add my camomile tea), and leave the processed bread for the birds.
You certainly don't get better from a hospital diet!

I have learned my lessons over the years and pretty much arrived here with the kitchen fridge and cupboards in tow.

All went well yesterday. Although very little happened. 
The good part is that I did not have to ambush anyone yet with my large file of M.E. related information, or had to conjure up the image of Joan and her hammer...
Joan is the writer of the comprehensive M.E. information leaflet ((See million missing Page) and she appeared in a hospital related dream last week.  During a text-message communication which followed she wrote: '... Just make believe I'm sitting in the corner when you're talking to them and waiting with a great big lump hammer if they say anything stupid..." 

When I arrived the bed allocated to me was not available until later that day. But they gave me a bed in a two bed ward, shared with a gentle man.  But as is was not going to be my 5 day home, I could not unpack my bag (and kitchen).  
It is interesting how one (me) wants to take ownership of these few square meters. To make this cocoon mine. But I couldn't. 
I stayed an alien in that space. By 7pm I was told it could be nine by the time I get moved. I hoped I would be well on my way into Lala land of sleep by then. 
I was allowed to stay and just took out a few belongings.

Soon after I arrived in the morning, I was seen by a kind young doctor.
M.E.? Sure. Pain, and all the peculiarities of my aligning body were jotted down and seemingly not frowned upon.
I would be seen by a physiotherapist, OT, and probably some investigations will take place. But that would be up to the neurologist himself, whom I hope to see today. Or soon?

And that is where my excitement ended.
The rest of the day I spent lounging on my bed. Listening to meditations, chatting with my roommate and his sister (whom I 'knew' from a life before M.E).
By 7pm I was finally officially admitted and received the coveted wrist label.
.... which I keep looking at to see what time it is... it is not my watch- I keep reminding myself.

Another one of the peculiarities of hospitals is that I lost the independence on taking medication when I require it. I was 'hanging' for sleep last night but had to stay awake in order to get pain meditation to get me through the night.
The tablets were in my bedside locker, but I have no ownership of them.

I slept well, having followed my home-routine of listening to Healing Sound. And after that inserted waxy ear plugs in my ears...

So now.
Boot camp to start today?

Be well my friends.

dramatic curtain display left by the visting doctor

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