Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day forty-four

I received a hard copy of the edited Hatched (Re-Hatched) in the post yesterday. So far the only thing I have done today, is making the slightest corrections. Other than that, it was a day of rest.

A snippet from the second edition:

From the reviews of Hatched

‘Hatched is one of the most energetic, generous-hearted, sharp minded and inspiring books of poems I’ve read for quite a while.’
Poet Brendan Kennelly

‘“Great day for a walk” – is not just a greeting, but a celebration for the human spirit.
Hatched deserves an international audience, and merits a place on best-seller lists.’
Munster Express

‘It is beautiful. Really beautiful. It gives me courage.’
Dianne Mawhood

‘The lesson of the deeply personal yet emphatic diary that is Hatched is that you don’t have to get ME to embrace them.’
Dungarvan Observer
‘This is something really special and uplifting.’
Interaction magazine

‘I found tears rolling down my cheeks- tears of both empathy and relief. You have shared your experiences in a simple, beautiful, and human way.’
Sue Page

‘Corina Duyn is living proof of the adage that you can’t keep a good woman down.’
Irish Examiner

For further information about the author’s art and writing, please visit
There are some first editions left, see the shop on the website

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di said...

excited , excited , excited for you and your special book.