Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day Twenty Six: Ballynelligan (part one)

Last night I went on a short walk to Ballynelligan. This is the area adjacent to my house, and is part of the so-called Lady Louisa's walk.
Within two minutes of leaving my house, I am on a gravel path and am almost instantly overjoyed with being among such beauty. Here is where my creativity flourishes; my writing fills my head; where I see the beauty of nature, and feel this intense gratitude that I am 'allowed' to live here.
The first sight of nature's wonder are the Himalayan Balsam flowers. The scent emanating is that of a sweetshop. The flowers are like orchids.
I can not help but touching the seed heads.
They are explosive, so say the least.
When you gently touch the seed head, within seconds the seed head jumps open and scatters the seeds all around you. The seed head becomes a 'delicate sculpture'

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