Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day Thirty seven and eight... two for company

The past few days rather overwhelmed with the editing of Hatched to prepare for printing the second edition, but got some help from Shannon who really knows about photoshop! Thanks Shannon!

Robert (Cat) is getting a lot of attention here in cyberspace. In real life too I suppose.
He is a creature of habit. Everyday the same pattern, from which we can all learn I suppose.
Sleep a lot and go outside when the sun shines. If not, then sleep, and sleep some more. As long as you are awake at 'dinner' times.

When I go for my nap after lunch, without fail Robert snuggles up under the blanket with me.
(and stays there for much longer than me!)

This is the only time of the day that he wants to be under the blanket. With the only exception if he got a big fright- or when he had his little private parts removed... (sorry guys)

Another habit is that at night time he wants to come in via the living room window. If I am in the study - one window further- he still sits at the living room windowsill... Special needs or what!

Still, with all his peculiarities and his VERY messy eating habits, he is great company.

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