Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day forty-seven: musing

Time for some musings. Strange word actually... musings:
absorbed in thought/ meditative/ contemplation/reflection

My 'musings' were going to the strange and wonderful world of Facebook, Second Life, Twitter, ... Blogging
There I have said it, I am enjoying Facebook... and blogging... although I still don't really understand Twitter. But thank you my followers!

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while, might remember that I did a small survey on the effects of social networks for people with M.E. At that time I had only just succumbed, reluctantly I must add, to Facebook and had a blogger page because I trusted my friend Shannon's suggestion of this.

Forty-seven days ago, I started writing an almost daily blog, partly (to convince myself) of a change for the better in my health, and partly to share with others my love for writing and life around me.

Every time I write I create link to Facebook and Twitter. Suddenly I have people all over the world, whom I've never met, and probably never will, reading my thoughts, sharing my pain, and delight in the small triumphs.
I am in awe of all the kindness you, my readers, my friends, are bringing me.

Cyberspace is where I have met the most wonderful of people, some living with the same condition as me, others who share a love of books, or creativity. All add something to my life. There are young people and people older than me. Age doesn't matter, race, state of health, country of origin, none matters. On Facebook.. and I am sure also on Twitter, we are equal.
If you can run a marathon and I can walk to a little up the path to Ballynelligan, we are both equal in cyberspace.

What a joy is has been to share funny video's, small anecdotes of life around us, the joy of growing vegetables, of watching the birds, of given someone who has a bad day, a virtual hug. To chat with someone in Australia, in Ireland, or young teenager who loved my Cirrus book.

Why oh why did I not want to see this at first. I was very much against Facebook... I didn't want to know what one had or breakfast or if someone had brushed his or her teeth that morning... Little did I know that I would be excited to check up on my friends in the morning, see what they've been up to and to read the lovely comments from 'virtual strangers' - no they are 'virtual- real friends'! I remember even a photograph of what one of my friends had for breakfast... A great image.

I rest my case, and will muse a little further on my own.

Goodnight my friends.


di said...

i'm so glad you took the plunge and began facebooking. think how much pleasure i would have missed if you hadn't . that sounds entirely selfish but i so enjoy hearing about the things important to you and sharing in triumphs and not- so- triumphs , pleasures and pains --- we need each other--- keep blogging my facebook buddy

Kirsten said...

funny, isn't it, just how resistant you can be to an idea and then find it's wonderful! so grateful for this online community - can hardly remember what it was like before i had all this support and understanding at my fingertips.

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you both di, and "kp"! you are my facebook buddies and I still hold out the hope/wish that one day we can actually have that coffee/tea/actually Hot Chocolate together. I'll bring the cake!
X to you both!