Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day Thirty... Christmas on the way... Sorry..

I hate to mention Christmas in October. For me Christmas starts around the 23 December... but.. I have an Original Christmas Cards illustrated with the theme from the Cirrus Chronicles, for sale. There is little point in telling you this two days before Christmas.
Size: 13.5 cm square. Envelop supplied.
€30 for 16 cards/envelops. Free worldwide postage
Orders can be placed now, via my shop
Cards will be posted out in early November.
proceeds from the sales will go towards the cost of re-printing Hatched



Kirsten said...

absolutely love this illustration corina (think i've told you that before?) and fantastic idea...unfortunately i've already bought up xmas cards! thinking if there's someone i could give some too though...

Sue Page said...

Great idea Corina! I'm not a xmas fan, especially in October, but to buy cards to help get Hatched reprinted - easy decision to make - all sufferers should have the chance to read it.

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you both. Dianne called me the goosebump lady, and indeed, I am sitting here covered in goosebumps when reading your comments. Thank you!
I hated to have mentioned Christmas in October. I HATE it, but then, if I don't do it now, I will be too late. Kirsten proofed that point!

I feel the book will be reprinted. I am gathering funds, the rest will come my way somehow!