Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day forty-two: Cloud Fairies

Hello, I am Tarik, I am 8 years old and a brother of Cirrus Kalani.
Who is he? Well, he is my big brother and he visited Ireland last year. Kind of by acciddent. I'll tell you:
We were at the Clouds Land International Dance Festival on Cloud Nimbo and Cirrus took part in a Cloud Hole Jumping Event, and suddenly he disappeared. We didn't know what had happened to him, but as it turned out, he had slid down a rainbow and landed in a field in Ballynelligan.
He landed in a pool of water - the bath of a bird called Sarah Robin.
Still makes me laugh!
As it happens, a writer lived nearby and she wrote Cirrus's story about his adventures in Ireland. Cirrus Chronicles you can buy the book. People all over the world have read the story. My brother is Famous!

By the way, Cirrus came home on a Zebra which can fly.

This is Cirrus and Zebra and me!

I am now visiting Ireland myself, and am staying with a lovely lady called Theresa.

A note from Corina:
If you are interested in having your own Cloud Fairy "visiting" you, you can place an order for a doll to be made. All are original! You can contact her at contact Corina to ask for furhter details.

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