Monday, October 11, 2010

Day Thirty Two: To be in a Postcard

The other day I received a phone call from my friend Bentsi, from Israel. We met at least 12 years ago during a doll/puppet making workshop in France. Bentsi is a full time puppeteer and visits schools all over Israel with his shows. He writes his own scrips and makes the puppets, the set and record the music.

He was telling me about a recent trip to Tirol (I hope I got that right- brain not always reliable in retaining information) but anyway. He described being there as "being in a postcard".
What a lovely description and thought.

My friend also mentioned the movie Julie & Julia. And of course, I had to watch it again. Even second time round it is still a great movie. Meryl Streep (brilliant) plays the cook Julia child, who brought French cooking to the American housewife. Amy Adams plays Julie Powell, an author who never had her books published and works for an insurance company dealing with the aftermath of Nine-Eleven.

Julie sets herself the task to write a blog, everyday for one year, and works her way through all the recipes in Julia Child' cookbook. More than 500.

Not wanting to spoil the story completely, I have one thing to tell you though... Julie's blog created such an interest that she had numerous book offers, and interests in movie rights...

I keep dreaming!


Anonymous said...

super movie

Corina Duyn said...

loved it!
will watch it again some day.

dianne said...

my daughter lives in the alps in Switzerland i tell her she lives in a fairytale. no country can be that picture perfect !!