Monday, February 27, 2017

Conquering Lady Louise's Walk

Try again!

evening skyline of Lismore Cathedral seen from Lady Louise's walk. photo by Corina Duyn
view of Lismore Cathedral seen from Lady Louise's walk

Yesterday, three weeks after my last walk, I was brave enough to try again.
Try again to build up my walking ability.

The last walk I did was during my stay at Dzogchen Beara, and it ended in tears.
I must admit that I was a little afraid to start again. But yesterday, after being stuck in the house since Monday, and the weather suddenly turned from rain and wind to give us a stunning sky, I ventured out.

I was wise not to go to my furthest point I had reached over three weeks ago, but go about 60% of the way. (6 minutes)
I was fine.
Well, you know, fine as in my-normal-after-short-walk-fine.

Glad I broke the mould again.
Back on track to conquer Lady Louise's Walk - stage one!

Lismore - Lady Louise's walk

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