Sunday, February 26, 2017

The kindness of strangers

The little acts of kindness which makes your day

A few days ago I watched a car drive very slowly along our little road. It stopped outside my gate.
I instantly recognised the driver. This lady came to my house about four years ago after having visited the Seeders Exhibition in Dungarvan.  A shared exhibition with tapestry artist Pascale De Coninck.

This lady had had been inspired by the wood I used in my sculptures- like here in Metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis sculpture by Corina Duyn, figure immerging from roots
Metamorphosis © by Corina Duyn

She told me that time that she walks the beach every day and sees beautiful pieces of driftwood.
After visiting the exhibition she brough me some.

A few days ago she stopped by again.
She told me that she walks this beach as it is the place where her mother's ashes as scattered. She found some beautiful stones, and a beautiful piece of, what looks like ivy from around a tree. Thinking of me she drove to my house to drop them off.

It made my day.
And the creative juices started to flow immediately...

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