Friday, February 10, 2017

The vastness of nature

Seated in the meditation room at Dzogchen Beara Care Centre, looking out over the vast ocean in front of me.
A fishing boat looks like a tiny toy.
The hand of wind pushing it down.
Letting it go.

I realise how in-significant we are
In this vast world.
How little control we have.
How tiny a part we play.

But also
that we are one
with that world.
We are one with nature.
We are nature.

That I still have so much to learn.
To understand.
Aware how little I know.


With those thoughts twirling through my mind during the past few days, it made me smile to read this line in Matt Padwick's book 'Running Contra Diction'. ... "Isaac Newton was fierce clever and he said "what we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean."

As it happens, Matt is running the bookshop/cafe at Dzogchen Beara and his novel has strong links to the area.
I only just started reading his book last night, but loving it already. I had the pleasure of meeting him yesterday.
The book was recommended to me by my fellow guest Jamie, who is a very wise, interesting and gentle soul.
I love how meeting people and finding books all bring us along to gain just that tiny bit more knowledge of life.

And so I will be heading home again today.
First a chat with John before Mariela will be here to collect me.
I am not looking forward to sitting in a car for hours...
Coming home will be strange as there is no Robert Cat to tell me all his news.

I valued my time-out here. The ever changing weather. The ever fluctuation in my energy. The awareness of how I function. What my challenges are. Where my strengths lie.
Reality checks, balanced with beautiful moments. Meeting some wonderful souls.

I will be back!

The wise Jamie said that life deserves punctuation marks....

I keep that in mind.

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