Tuesday, February 21, 2017

More than a kilo of books - offer

image of five books by ME/CFS Artist and Writer Corina Duyn
Books by Corina Duyn

Had so many ideas for writing but am a little too 'fragile' today... Aftermath from the Seaweed bath adventure yesterday. But am hopefull that it is all in my favour - My body just needs a little time to adjust I think.

to celebrate the arrival of spring,
well and truly in my garden,
and in my heart
I have a book offer today.
Over one kilo of books (1250 grams to be precise) for €57.50 , or  €67.50 
Value including postage €75, and €85 respectively, Depending on destination

Valid for this week only, or fewer days if all 5 remaining copies of Hatched have been sold.

Over a Kilo worth of books
Including a copy of:

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