Wednesday, February 8, 2017

To see the bigger picture

There is always hope.
But it is acceptance that gives me peace, and reminds me of the Bigger Picture.

Morning thoughts.

When I come here to Dzogchen Beara, to the Care Centre, I have the secret hope to experience healing. Physical recovery. To find that one as yet unexplained nugget of information which complete my recovery. Which makes it possible to walk further than a few minutes. Which makes it possible to go a day without pain. To dance. Which makes it possible to have a brain which stays alert and able to communicate for 'normal lengths of time'. To create my sculptures to my hearts content. To write as much as I like. When I like.

What I find however is that acceptance of my reality is what gives me peace. And Hope.

Hope with the Capital H.
Hope to see the bigger picture.

Being so close to nature, my great guide, and being close to my inner being through silence, meditation, writing and creativity, I can see the bigger picture more clearly again.

I won't as yet dance with my body. A pain free body. But my mind is free. My mind is free to dance with the wind. To cry with the rain. To start life afresh with each dawn. To be the light on the ever changing reflection on the ocean. To share the warmth of beautiful simple moments with people I only meet for a short period of time.

Last night I spend a little time with a nun from Korea while having a cup of tea in the kitchen. One of the things she told me is that she contracted polio as a one year old. Her colleagues and family are worried for her, that she can't travel and function well. We had this 'Yes we can' moment. We shared the Bigger Picture of Hope. Of resilience.

We talked about religion. About Buddhism, Catholicism. And nature as a guide. (I wondered is there an -ism for nature. For Mother Nature. For Gaia. Gaia-ism?)
I told her how I pick and choose elements of all religions-and-none to make my life whole.

I value those little moments of time possibly more than being able to function fully as a 'normal' human being. 'Fully' as in, being completely recovered.
Maybe, just maybe, I would not experience these minutes of wisdom, of sharing, of understanding as I would be out running, walking, driving, being busy... busy with that life we think we all want or need.

I have good life.
I have a beautiful life.
I just forget sometimes to see the bigger picture.

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