Thursday, June 17, 2010

Books that are not really books, and yet they are...

... Let me explain.

I remember when I first became ill with M.E. I was unable to read. Audio books were suggested, but my argument was that I liked the scent of books, and that audio books were for people who couldn't read. Both arguments were defeated. I was told to put a book beside my head to have the scent, and it was pointed out to me that I was unable to hold up a book, and couldn't read more than one paragraph at the time... . Point (reluctantly) taken.
Years later I wrote a poem about it. See page 8 of Hatched

Fast forward to 2010. My reading and obviously my writing ability have been restored. I even published two books. Real ones, which smell and feel like books! ... and now both my books Hatched, and Cirrus Chronicles are now available to be read online through issuu. To read the books, "hover" over the Hatched or Cirrus buttons above and click on 'read the book here'.Me... Virtual books... I thought I NEVER get into that! But I think it is great. The books are now within reach of all sorts of people. Maybe even for people who are bed bound and unable to hold up a book, but can click a mouse of the computer. I am excited about that!

And of course... the real books are still there too. If you happen to like my books a lot, and would like to have your own, personalised signed copy in your possession, please click on the shop button above.

I hope my new readers will enjoy the ramblings of my never idle mind.

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Björek said...

they say the idle mind is the devil's work! i'm glad you've come so far. Congrats!