Saturday, October 16, 2021

Puppet Making Course access details

As illness/ability are changing I have decided to make my PUPPET MAKING COURSE * free to access, although donations to help me fund my long term care needs are greatly appreciated. 

See Donate button at bottom of My Website page  Course was charged at €40 for individual students. For licensed use in universities/ colleges/organisations, special rates apply and PDF’s can be requested for printing purposes.

A 50 minute video lecture is available on request. Fee in line with lecture fees of interested colleges/universities and other groups.

See also a summary of my work in the previous post. “23 year long creative history of living with M.E.” 

*This course material was created by Corina Duyn and draws on four decades of experience. It is for your personal use only. Please do not share this course content […]; Having followed this course does not mean you can teach this course using my material. […] Thank you for your understanding.

Two girl puppets made by Corina Duyn - Puppet Making course
‘The Girls’ © Corina Duyn 2017

Following is a slightly edited ‘Welcome’ Document I used to email to new students. It contains all the needed information to create your own doll or puppet. PLEASE See webpage for a short summary of the course.  For links to more of my work in puppetry see: Puppetry webpage, or explore the many articles and images on this blog.



Thank you for registering for the Puppet Making Course created by © Corina Duyn.

The course consists of written and photographic instructions which can be viewed on ISSUU, as well as tutorial videos on Youtube. 

The links for all the course material are provided in this document (page), so please keep this safe.

If direct links to ISSUU do not work, please copy and paste the URL link, and preferably open in Google Chrome.

I hope you will enjoy embarking on this creative adventure.


When your puppet is complete, I love to see images of it.

With every best creative wish

Corina Duyn

September 2019

(Edited version Made Public October 2021)



Youtube channel (tuition videos are not public as yet)



Corina Duyn © 2019 

 Introduction and general information for your course:

  • Please read: Introduction and general guidelines in the 7 page document on ISSUU

In my course I recommend the use of white DAS air drying clay as other brands have different drying properties and may shrink too much which causes problems. DAS is very strong and can be used to sculpt very fine details.

Sculpting the Head

The videos and ISSUU documents are interchangeable between using glass eyes and creating sculpted eyes. I suggest you watch, and read both at each step of the sculpting process. The (2.04) indicate length of the videos Please make sure to watch the Youtube videos in HD

Hands and Feet: 

The videos and ISSUU books are interchangeable I suggest you watch, and read both at each step of the sculpting process. The (2.04) indicate length of the videos. Please make sure to watch the Youtube videos in HD

Body and Cross

Painting and clothing/hair suggestions: