Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An inspirational girl

Emma McCarronInfo taken from Emma's website:

Emma McCarron hails from County Monaghan, Ireland. In November 2008,  when Emma was 7, she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma – a rare children’s cancer. Since then, Emma has been attending Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin. She has undergone a gruelling treatment programme, including chemotherapy, surgery, bone marrow transplant and radiotherapy.
Throughout all of this, she has shown great strength, always been in good humour and managed to keep up with school, friends, hobbies and all the normal things girls her age like to do.
Over the last year, Emma became interested in singing. She began to attend singing classes with Monaghan Comhaltas Branch, and joined the Monaghan Community Gospel Choir.
When Emma learnt that some of her relatives wrote songs, played the guitar & sang, she came up with the idea of recording a CD together. So, over the summer, Emma’s great-uncle (Brendan Gallagher) set the wheels in motion, made all the arrangements and the CD was recorded in early August.

When the CD was complete, all involved were very happy with the finished product and decided to sell the CD to raise funds for Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin.
By purchasing Emmas music you can enjoy a wonderful voice and support a worthy cause.

Buy the CD! here
A radio interview listen here (at start of the program after the news and introduction) a wonderful girl. To hear her singing, forward to about 26 minutes into the program.

Well done Emma you are an inspiration! X

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sadness and Gratitude

This morning the first email I read was from Kirrily who is the brains (and action) behind the Creative for a Second Project. A project that brought together people from all over the world who live with the condition M.E./CFS. *

She wrote to inform us that one of the participants, Nina Bunin, sadly passed away this week.

I can't believe it. Only a few short months ago Nina wrote to me that she was "Out doing. Virtually recovered from M.E". On her Blog (9th July last) she wrote: "I’ve gotten almost well, and am painting like a fiend, and teaching art."
What a tough blow to be diagnosed with cancer after such a long battle with M.E.

Rest in peace my friend

The thoughts about Nina makes one appreciate and express gratitude to life. The daily challenges seem small.

I am grateful to wake up in the morning.
I am grateful to have friends: 'Real life' Friends, 'Phone' Friends, 'Post' Friends and 'Virtual' Friends, who keep me grounded in life, who make me part of the world we live in.
I am grateful to have a roof above my head, and a place to write and create.
I am grateful to see the world, to hear it, to smell it, to experience it.

Love to you Nina.

Love to all of you.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Books by writing friends

I am fortunate to have writing friends, I would like to introduce you to some.
Diane Searls published two books recently
The Goldie Boy (a short one-act play)
and Ozzy the Emu. A wonderful story for children, well actually, for adults too!

'Ozzy the Emu is based on a true experience of the animal keeper author, Diane Searls. Written for children, this story will be an entertaining read for the adult also. Children learn about emu facts through the story and then complete a quiz and puzzles to enhance their learning.'

To order Diane's books please click here

Spark Deeley published her second book "Do you Remember Me? a few months ago. “Do You Remember Me?” is a beautiful new CD/ Book collaboration by Catherine Cunningham and Spark Deeley. Soulful and quirky, it features six original songs and thirteen vibrant ink paintings which complement the song lyrics. 

As an atheist and someone steeped in the tradition of science, I found this beautiful CD/ Book particularly satisfying. The illustrations of Spark Deeley are vividly striking. Complementing the words and music of Catherine Cunningham, they allow for an overall narrative that speaks to the reader in a personal and poetic way. Get your hands on a copy and look, read and listen to what’s inside, I guarantee you will enjoy it”  (Kevin Doyle, writer)

To order copy of Spark's books please click here

Alan Murphy published his second poetry book this year: Psychosilly

"Alan Murphy's latest collection of poems explores big themes and ideas about the world. The poems themselves vary in length and style, but they are always rhyming, playing with words and taking literal meanings to surreal lengths. The book is illustrated with bright and playful collages. Children aged 9+ will enjoy reading this on their own, although the poems lend themselves to being read aloud with gusto for the enjoyment of children of all ages."

Children's Books Ireland Recommended Reading Guide 2011

The book can be ordered from Alan  

Another book I would like to tell you about is Farewell to Chapelstreet by Paddy Vaughan  
My dear friend Paddy passed away last year at the age of 87. Paddy had been working on this book (his second) for a few years, but ailing health preventing him from finishing it. His son Patrick and granddaughter Mary Anne completed the book.
Paddy lived all his life in Chapel Street, Lismore. The stories in the book brings us back to a different pace of live and is full of anecdotes about the people who lived in this street.
The book is (so far) only available locally, but if you're interested, please contact Patrick Vaughan and he will look after your order.