Monday, June 29, 2015

... on being a crowd-funding artist

I am just over two weeks into Crowd funding campaign to raise funds to publish Into the Light. 40% raised. Thank you!

It has been a journey of excitement, apprehension, kindness from friends and strangers. Well wishes and nerve wrecking daily checking if I am getting anywhere near reaching the target. Either way, Into the Light will be published, preferably through ‘crowd funding’, alternatively through a loan from the credit union.

Of course there was a lot of time spend on this adventures weeks before the launch of the campaign. What to put up as rewards, updating website, where to put what information, video to make, which media routes to take, filling in the Fund It application... Media man Brendan did most of this, but I had to be, and was, involved in every step along the way.
I had totally underestimated the amount of work involved, and how it all would affect my wellbeing. I was a ‘little’ overwhelmed by it all, but slowly finding my feet and trust again.

And there is the other ‘issue’ of putting yourself out there with one’s work. It can be a very vulnerable position to be in. I create for myself - for my own ‘sanity’ in a way  - a reason to get up for in the morning. What others think of it is secondary.

Into the Light book in a box © Corina Duyn 2015 
My usual creative route is to make whatever I am making. May it be my sculptures, my tapestries, or books. I might write a little about it on my blog, but the real thing, the finished work, only makes it way ‘out there’ when I am finished with it. The journey of creation is finished. It is ready to be ‘born’ and to take its place in the world.
This time round, my project is ‘out there’ while still on its creative journey.
The book is very close to completion. I have just a few pages to edit. The boxes have been designed and are ready to be made. The printer and printing paper have been decided upon.

Is it more vulnerable to be out there with an almost finished product than with a finished one? Perhaps not. There is always that stage of vulnerability about your work. Do others like it, will they love it, will they understand it, will it only be of use to myself…?
But then, I think back on all the amazing kindness and support I have received along this two-year adventure. And the many years before that of living, reading, note taking, thinking and creating. But two years from the very first mind-map about Into the Light, during a residency at Annaghmakerrig.

sample page from Into the Light © Corina Duyn 2015
The writing has seen many an incarnation along the way. Many! (see previous 'Into the Light' blogs)
They changed from long essays to these short observations now in the book. Some of the changes were dictated by my physical wellbeing which had deteriorated a little along the way. I became unable to write for longer than 20 minutes on the computer. Writing essays, broken up in short writing sessions does not really work.
I was close to giving up on the project, but a stay at Dechen Shying Care Centre at Dzogchen Beara centre in West Cork last summer, made me realize, again, that fewer words could tell a much clearer story. Prayer flags bellowing over the courtyards, made me think of short observations on loose sheets. This way I became able to work on one sheet at the time. The task suddenly was less daunting. It became manageable. And FUN! And was a way to use my art as illustrations, as well as many of the nature photographs so dear to me.

One year on, and I find myself on the next junction of my journey, inviting the public to join me. Inviting them to help me to bring the book ‘into the light’ as it were. To bring the story of life’s challenges, out of the darkness. My story was shared on radio programs, and in newspapers. All a little scary! Maybe ‘little’ is an understatement…?

Into the Light is out there, because of the goodness I have received along the way, from friends, organizations, family, and strangers only know to me because of the power of the Internet, and as a result of this project.

My heart felt thanks to you all!


Of course, if you’d like to join me and others on this adventure, please see my web-page  or crowd funding page:

Friday, June 26, 2015

Into the light in a nutshell

The reaching into the light through my art and writing continues. first a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Anastasia Palmer; Pascale De Coninck; Paul Mahony, Rose Farrell; Phyllis Davis; Jennifer Puerner; Jenny Hollenberg; Derbhile Dromey; Kaite O'Reilly; Marco Hollenberg; Jane Jermyn; Ellen Vivian Piro; Rosalind Fanning; Fiona Kearney and 3 anonymous funders whom together raised 28% in my fund it  campaign. My deepest gratitude.

Last Tuesday I was interviewed by Pádraig Naugthon, (Arts and Disability Ireland) on his Arts & Disability Radio program on Near FM, to talk about my Into the Light book project. This very interesting program runs every second Tuesday.
Listen to my interview from 7.45 minutes into the program, to 30.30 minutes ... with a gorgeous song by Cara Dillon in between. 

Two weeks ago, I did an interview with Sean O'Rourke in the company of Sarah Meehan. Click here to listen back.

Just in case you are new to this blog and you don't know what Into the Light is all about...

Well, it is a book in a wooden box, consisting of approximately 80 loose A5 sheets.

Each sheet has a short reflection on life with chronic illness, but applicable to any of lives challenges: from fear, hope, acceptance, personal challenges and society’s opinions, to moments of gratitude. It is illustrated with art images and nature photographs, accompanied by quotes from other authors. to help me publish the book, I am running a Crowd Funding campaign. There are many rewards. See more about how it works on my website. On that page are also images of the books, artworks, and tapestries on offer.

There is a short introductory video on youtube. 
A very short video about a very long journey from being a full time artist, to be coming ill with M.E. and how creativity became my life line and way to be part of the world
see here

Thanking you for your visit!


If you have any question, please email me 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cabbage harvest

Look what I found growing in my greenhouse.
6 months from 'seed' to 'cabbage'

These cabbages are not on the original Fund It Reward list, but are available to pledge for.  


  1. “Cabbage Harvest” (€ 450 -full set)
  2. “Cabbage 1″, 16x25x16 cm (€ 175)
  3. “Cabbage 2″. 18x16x21 cm (€ 175)
  4. “Cabbage 3″, 21x23x22  (€ 175)
Log on to Fund It  scroll down to below the rewards and at the option “define your own amount”,
put in the amount stated behind the artwork.
 Please make sure to email me with the cabbage(s) you pledged for, so I can note it as SOLD, and take note of your name etc. 
Thank you!

''Cabbage 2"  18x16x21cm© Corina Duyn 2015

"Cabbage 1" 16x25x16cm © Corina Duyn 2015

"Cabbage 1" 16x25x16cm © Corina Duyn 2015

"Cabbage 3"  21x23x22cm© Corina Duyn 2015

Cabbage harvest © Corina Duyn 2015

The 12th June saw the start of a Crowd Funding Campaign 
to publish my next book 'Into the Light'. 

All support, no matter how small, is GREATLY appreciated!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Into the Light on Arts & Disability Radio

Wooden box version of Into the Light by Corina Duyn

A BIG Thank You to all those funders who have been so kind to pledge funds to help publish my book! 

The excitement continues! Pádraig Naughton (Arts and Disability Ireland) has invited me to be on his Arts & Disability Radio program on Near 90.5FM. It is also live streamed and will be available to listen back to on Mixcloud. Listen live on Tuesday 24-June at 3.30pm.  I'll post the podcast on my facebook page and here on my blog. 

I am VERY close to finishing the writing and designing of the book pages. It has been a very exciting journey indeed!  The next focus is to actually have my book printed, with your help.

As you might know, the book consists of a series of loose A5 sheets gathered in a wooden box. Even though it is a limited edition Artist Book (500 copies in total), I am keeping the price affordable, as I really would like people to be part of this experience. 

If you are interested in my project and would like to support me (thank you!), you can do so by ordering a book in advance of publication through fund it. Click Here to see my project on

The wooden box version is €30, one of the twelve linen covered cases is €120. Or you can donate any amount you can afford, have your name published in my book, opt for previous books or become the proud owner of one of my one-off sculptures or tapestries. 

Whatever you decide, the money will only be deducted from your account if I have been successful to reaching my target within the allotted 35 days ( 26 to go). Then the ‘reward’ you pledged for will be delivered to you, or will be ready for collection. 

If I don’t reach the target, I will not receive any of the funds that have been pledged…

You can view images and further details of the offers here.

My deepest gratitude for joining me on my journey into the light.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Crowd funding and being on the radio

What       a      Week!

Outside RTE, photo by Sarah Meehan

The last few weeks have been very busy indeed. Brendan - my media man- has been working hard to set up a facebook page, get the crowd funding proposal ready for my book project "Into the Light".  I helped where I could. We created a video about the project. We also made some changes to my website to make the art and photography galleries viewable on tablets and mobile phones ... and I was on the radio...

The Fund It crowd-funding page was launched yesterday,  to help me publish my Into the Light book.

The idea is that people who like my project can pledge money toward the printing of my book pages and the making of the boxes. There are various rewards in return:

  • Copies of my previous books,
  • A signed and numbered pre-publication copy of Into the Light in the wooden box,
  • One of the twelve special editions boxes, a linen covered case, made by Muckross Bookbindery,
  • Have YOUR name printed in my book, as acknowledgment of your support,
  • And there are a variety of original artworks and tapestries on offer.
The choice is yours. If it is €15 (books) or anywhere from €145 to €495 for one of my artworks, or for my latest sculpture Wisdom (€1500) Or add your own amount. I am grateful to all the support !

This is how it works:

  • Go to my :Fund:it page 
  • Click on the large :FUND:IT button, which bring to a page to 'sign in' with your email address.
  • Choose one of the 'rewards' on offer, or scroll down the define your own amount (for this there is no reward in return).
  • It will then ask for your payment details.
  • The money will only be deducted IF I HAVE REACHED THE TARGET, in the allotted 35 days.
  • If I have been successful, the reward you pledged for will be delivered to you, or will be ready for collection.
  • Many many thanks

A 'selfie' by Sarah. Outside RTE buildings

AND...  I was invited to do a radio interview with Sean O'Rourke as a result of the article that appeared in the Journal. I shared the interview with Sarah Meehan.

You can listen to it here

Many thanks to Brendan Holmes, Jennifer Wade -,  Sian O'Gorman - researcher RTE,  Sean O'Rourke - RTE and Declan Carroll from IMET (Irish ME Trust) for making this happen. And Sarah for sharing this interesting experience!

And thank you ALL!

My deepest gratitude to have you always by my side, even if that means in cyberspace!

This project has been supported by

The 12th June saw the start of a Crowd Funding Campaign to publish my next book 'Into the Light'. 
See FUND IT  or my WEBPAGE for more.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

No life with M.E.? There is!

Living in the darkness of illness, my creativity had brought me out into the light.

Today an article was published in the about my creative life with M.E.

"I was led to believe there was ‘no future’ with with my diagnosis. Well, I beg to differ."

"I have learned to cope with M.E., a serious and potentially disabling chronic disorder, through art and creativity."

see full article here 

sample page of Into the Light © Corina Duyn 2015

sample page of Into the Light © Corina Duyn 2015

 I now have an Artist/Author Facebook page, Please link up with me there? And if you think this Blog deserves to make a presence on Facebook or Twitter, feel free to link it on your page. Thank you!