Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Cork Puppetry Festival 2018

A short visual impression of Cork Puppetry Festival 2018.

I was invited to give a talk about Puppetry & Disability, had an exhibition of some of my own puppets and that of students: Pascale De Coninck, Lorraine Shanahan, Louise Clarke, Wendy Livingston, collaboration puppet with Spark Deeley, and the installation by Dominic Fee.

It was an honour to be asked to take part in this international festival, to see some amazing shows and to be supported by friends and strangers to make this event possible for me. Póilin Puppet - and myself, made some new friends.

See links to the short videos which were shown on a loop during the exhibition/festival.

Póilin on a puppet by Enrique Mac Laughlin
setting up the exhibition of puppets made
by myself and students 
Pascale De Coninck and Lorraine Shanahan,
and their puppets.
The Butterfly Puppet is a collaboration between
Corina and Spark Deeley

The Reflection Girls
See their (two minutes) video HERE
The Rig was made by Dominic Fee
Corina Duyn and Moira Jenkins
Corina Duyn speaking at Cork Puppetry Festival
Giving my talk about Puppetry, Chronic illness and Disability
View the video HERE

After my talk at the Cork Puppet Festival
Sarah Harrington, Moira Jenkins, Corina Duyn, Leslie Burton

Dominic left some of his art pieces for children and adults to experiment with

Short videos of PóilinThe Reflection Girls, Life Outside the Box,
The Dance of Life were shown on a loop during the exhibition/festival
New friends Aran and Póilin 
All done - Packed up for another time.

Laura and Enrique Mac Laughlin and their puppets

Póilin and new friends

Aran, CiaMoustache during her performance in the park

This young man has just made his own little puppet and
performed a little show with himself as audience. Gorgeous
finale. all showing their made puppets