Monday, August 27, 2012

Conepuppet in Best Gallery/Design Shop in Ireland

On the very day this latest Conepuppet was 'born' it made it straight into the Best Gallery/Design Shop in Ireland (according the Irish Times readers) See : Ardmore Pottery.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fairy Life

Some latest commisioned Artist Dolls. It feels great to make this little beings, and to finally have the energy to fullfill orders dating back a good few months.
Thank you, new owners of these little people, for your interest in my work. 
"Aibhlinn" © Corina Duyn
"Aibhlinn" © Corina Duyn
Aibhlinn is now living in Vancouver, Canada

Akari  © Corina Duyn
Akari  © Corina Duyn
Akari, is the older sister of Cloud Fairy Cirrus Kalani, who has his own book. Their younger brother Tarik lives in Midleton, Co. Cork. Akari is joining him in the next few days.

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