Friday, February 25, 2011

"Flying on Little Wings" Give away

To celebrate the arrival of my book baby I am hosting a contest for a free copy of my new book "Flying on Little Wings".
For more chances to win, you may enter three times, by doing the following:
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  • Post a link to this contest on your Facebook page;
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  • Then please leave a comment in the "comment-box' below to let me know where you posted a link and your name will go in the "hat". 

    I will randomly select a winner on the 15th March 2011


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    Tuesday, February 22, 2011

    Frogs and scooter diagnosis

    You might wonder, what have frogs and scooters in common?
    Little. Really!
    Other than that a frog in my garden made me happy.
    The "ill" scooter made me sad.

    But news is good.
    After a panicky few days, and scary phone calls to so called "service industry for the disabled"
    who charge almost €150 call out charge, 
    plus tax, 
    plus whatever the cost will be to have scooter repaired... 
    Scandalous I think. 
    This is a service they know people need.
    And to top it all... 
    It could take TWO weeks before a repair-man would come out...

    Anyway- after a few phone calls like that, I asked my local electrician when he could come over to check if the battery was at fault- that had been his thoughts on the matter.
    He arrived, and under my watchful eye took the scooter apart- 
    a new adventure for both of us.
    After about an hour, we found the well hidden "vital organs'
    and Edward discovered one faulty fuse.

    Soooo HAPPY I could have kissed
    the frog!

    I am motoring again.

    Monday, February 21, 2011

    Arty Writers- and all you "creatives"- take note!

    Morning to you all!

    To distract myself from diminishing independence (see previous blog) I have occupied my mind with the creation of a new blog. A blog to bring us creative people together in cyberspace. A blog where works by independent artists/writers/photographers/illustrators/musicians will be highlighted. A place where people can come if they are looking for this one special present which is not widely available in shops- But also a place where we "creatives" can network.

    The trigger to this new adventure has many layers:

    • a talk with friend Lani about the difficulties of selling ones books- even if you have a publisher
    • the growing power of Internet selling
    • a request from an illustrator via my Facebook page on where to start to get her name and work out there
    • and many more

    If you are a "Creative" and would like to partake in this journey, please sign up and follow the instruction on the blog
    If you are a lover of the arts or an admirer of people who live their lives creatively, the please sign up as a follower.

    Many thanks, and please spread the word!

    Saturday, February 19, 2011


    I don't know how other people living with illness or disability see their 'bond' with their aids. The past few days it became clear to me again, that to a degree, I am dependent on my mobility aids to get around.

    dependency - the state of relying on or being controlled by someone or something else.

    I can move around the house without an a walking aid. I know every step in my house - I know the distance between chairs - I know the height of steps and uneven slabs in the garden. I feel relatively safe.
    Outside my gate I rely on the support of a walking stick. Not always needed when I start off on a short (10min) walk, but always greatly appreciated on the way back.

    To go past the end of my street, I rely on my mobility scooter.
    I wrote before (I think) about the emotional challenges of using this form of mobility aid. People have laughed at me- or at my scooter. I think/or say, "if it wasn't for this aid, I'd be stuck at home," and go on my merry way.

    But... what if this aid is suddenly as immobile as I am...

    The past few weeks, the charger for my scooter's battery was misbehaving. A week ago I 'dissected' the charger and found one of the wires had come loose. I was confident this could easily be remedied by soldering the two part back together again.

    This happy event took place a few days ago.
    The charger didn't work- although the light came on, the batery was not being charged.
    Dan- who has the same thought as me - don't throw anything out until all possibilities have been tested- tried again.
    No go.
    I started to panic. Life without a scooter is at this stage unthinkable. Especially now I have booked a ticket to go to Holland for a week and sooooo enjoy my freedom there when I can go where I want to go...

    I found a shop that could sell me a new charger. Not that easy an option in my neck of the woods. The shop wouldn't be open today, but the girl in the shop left the charger for me in a next door cafe. Thank you both!
    Mariela drove me to the shop. I was relieved to have a charger again.

    The same thing happened- the light comes on but the battery is not charging.

    To tell you the truth, I was nearly in tears. I can't be without my scooter.
    As there was still a bit of charge in the battery I took myself to town on it. "I might as well have one last trip out." I thought.

    I don't know if I can have it fixed - or where. This scares me.

    The realisation I am dependent on a mobilty scooter
    is a very 'sobering' thought indeed.

    as always, I love to read your comments,
    and please do feel free to forward this post, if you like.

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    Natural Wastage

    I am not one for writing about politics on my blog, or anywhere else for that matter. This is usually more a verbal "pass time".
    But ... I have to get something off my chest.

    For those of you not living in Ireland- we are suffering here from "Election Fever". Parties are accusing each other of given false information about their policies. That's politics I suppose.

    But... There is one party- or actually this party's leader- that gets up my nose rather easily. Every time- even before election fever had set in for real, this man ... I can't even get his name out of my mouth or in this case fingers... makes me feel sick.
    The image that he creates in my mind is that of a whining five year old on the playground ... "but he hit me.." I see him in this boarding school uniform with his stripy tie and little hat - whining- always whining...

    Now this party (FG) there you have a hint- has pledged:
    FG state that they are going to implement a voluntary redundancy scheme
    which allied to a process of natural wastage
    will remove 30,000 from the Public Sector workforce.

    What's that got to do with me, you might wonder. I am not working in the public sector- I am however dependent on the public sector, especially the health service...
    But.. this is not where my problem lies.

    It is with the term "NATURAL WASTAGE". I heard it twice uttered out of FG member's mouths in the past few days. I know what they mean, but I find this an utterly hurtful term.

    In makes me wonder if I, in FG's eyes am NATURALLY WASTED because I am ill and no longer 'needed', 'required' in a job.

    I know it isn't a personal attack on me, but I really do feel hurt by such a statement.

    I am living in the shadows...

    You guess, FG won't be getting MY vote!

    Sunday, February 13, 2011

    New Day- New Eyes

    After my grumpy day yesterday, I must say that today started on a much happier note. A good sleep certainly helped, and the knowledge that people expressed their interest to stay in touch with me through my scribbles on this beloved blog is an absolute honour.
    Thank you! The goosebumps are present!

    Last night watched a movie- (Loving Annabelle) which wasn't that brilliant, but there was a great note written in a book given to one of the characters:

    The only real voyage
    of discovery
    consists not in seeking
    new landscapes,
    but in having
    new eyes

    (Marcel Proust)
    I leave you with that thought for the day.

    As always. I love to hear from you, and please do forward this blog via Facebook or twitter, or your blog if you like.

    Saturday, February 12, 2011


    Today I started off grumpy and it took a while before it all turned for the better again.

    Robert Cat had taken on the idea that he is King in my house. Well, you might say, he IS a cat and you HAVE put him in a few of your books... Fair point. But, still I do not see why he has to take the fair share of MY bed, AND wake me up at 6am because HE is done sleeping and wants to go outside. HE perseveres... and perseveres some more until I take the one step to the bedroom window, and boy is he fast to get out as he knows I am FAR from happy.
    One good thing is that I fall asleep again.
    That is until King Robert wants to come in again and scratches at the window until I open it up for him. I sleep some more and end up with the weirdest dreams.
    Want to hear some? well the other day I saw Mariela taking out my bones- to replace the bone marrow with decaying fish particles. I watched on and was kind of happy about it all as it was going to make me better...
    Want to hear more?
    Maybe some other time.

    So. I got up narky- grumpy...

    Then ... I did a weekly check in on Facebook and after I replied to the lovely responses- Thank you my dear friends- I looked at an Event Invitation from John (I think) and it was all about how Facebook changes their 'ways' and not tell us. I followed the clear instruction from the note and was 'happy'. Until I read something about 'business pages'.

    I tried to visit my own book page.. the usual way, or so I thought. Facebook has decided to change THAT too!
    I got really annoyed with Facebook again.. been there many times- They keep changing and I do not understand the changes, and neither do I really WANT to know, it was fine the way it was.
    In the end thought Ok, this is it! I am leaving Facebook and concentrate on my beloved blog and as Adrielle suggested- try to get the hang of Twitter!
    I have send an Event Invitation to my friend on Facebook and asked them visit me here on my BLOG or on twitter.
    It is kind of hard leaving a group of people whom I got to know a little and whom have been supportive when times were bad (health wise) or by purchasing my books/art/cards.

    I would like them - you- to stay in touch and there are a few ways in doing this.
    • you can sign up via the FOLLOW button
    • if I understand in correctly you can click on the RSS feed button on the right of the address bar,
    • or the link at the bottom of this blog-page,
    • or if you like I can have any new posts automatically forwarded to your email (for this I need your email address let me know here )
    • or link up with me on twitter- on which I will forward any blogs I have written.
    • and/ or- send me a link to your blog/website/twitter account
    • and then again- you might have no interest to do any of the suggestions. :-)
    So how did I get un-grumpy, well, I bought myself a DVD player (on the list for about 1 year I'd say) and heard some good news from my friend Phyllis. Also decided with Phyllis on a plan to have the book launch of Flying on Little Wings in her Eden Garden Centre, probably on the 10th April.

    As you probably notice- the grumpiness has not totally evaporated, but I am planning to it's disappearance with a bath and a movie afterwards!

    Thanks for the visit my friends and I DO hope we'll meet again many times in the future.

    Love to you all!

    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    It's spring!

    Today a big day... I posted my book- Flying on Little Wings off to the printers.

    If you've read the book-baby blog, the suggestion would be that my books (or I) have entered the 'delivery room'. Delivery will take another ten days or so ... A slow birth, but hopefully a healthy one!

    Body not really happy at the moment to say the least, but again I find healing in the nature.
    This morning I saw a black cap in the garden.
    Apparently they usually leave this Island of Ireland for the winter, but some stay over in the south of the country.... my garden!
    I remembered the few crocuses peaking out there bright yellow heads in the front garden, so went out there with my camera. It's lovey to see their happy faces in amongst the dead garden debris.
    While out there, I saw a magpie flying up to it's enormous nest in the trees on the other side of the field.
    And then there is the rhubarb... sticking its fresh spring foliage out from among horse-dung. No matter how much I try to protect it from the frosty nights- it just wants to be the first of the edible plants to show it's face.

    So... spring is here!!!

    If you like to read more about book-babies- click here
    And as always, love to hear from you here on the blog!

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    Golly is looking for a new home

    Hi there, my name is Golly.

    At the moment I am living with Phyllis, but as she is always busy in her Eden Garden Centre, I am looking for a new home. To be honest, I try to help her in the garden centre - by digging up plants- and this isn't really appreciated... I also try to increase sales by walking over the cash register... also not a good idea it appears.

    So, a new home- in Ireland, currently I am in Dungarvan- or so I am told.

    I would like to have a home where I will have lots of company. If you know such a place or know someone who is home a lot and would like to share their life with me... please let Corina know and she will put you in touch with my present owner.

    Thank you!

    By the way, I am a girl, about 9 months old, had all my shots and I have been spayed.

    Saturday, February 5, 2011


    This past week I have been preparing my book Flying on Little Wings (*) for it's cloning.
    Funny term isn't it, cloning- it sounds a bit like 'clowning'. I can tell you that my cloning process was far from it!
    • Cloning in biology is the process of producing similar populations of genetically identical individuals that occurs in nature.
    • The term also refers to the production of multiple copies of a product such as digital media and software.
    • The term clone is derived from κλῶνος, the Greek word for "trunk, branch", referring to the process whereby a new plant can be created from a twig.
    Now we're talking sense! Clone comes from the word trunk or branch - my kind of language! Nature- Trees- Growing!

    As the handmade version of Flying on Little Wings is getting responses like "It's so precious (while handling the book with love and gentleness)- I would like to give a copy to all whom I love" and "It's beautiful- I look at it often." "Please post me another copy as I have given mine to a bird-loving friend" ; "I would like a copy for my daughter who is ill", I have decided to take the flight and bring it out as a small printed book. (10x10cm)
    First of all, a Big Thank You to all of you whom have given me such joy in sharing my latest creative flight. And to others whom are helped me with the 'cloning' process, like Shannon who has helped me with having the tiny feather land on the cover; Connie at City Print - Cork for reassuring me about the paper quality for the printing. And all others that are encouraging me to take this flight.

    It was a busy week with preparing for the printing (cloning). I must admit that I was getting a little carried away by it all, resulting in tiredness... There are always changes to be made, words to correct, images to be moved a little from the edge... A cover to design.

    I realized that this book project was born out of the need to live my life more creatively (again) within the boundaries of the this alien world of M.E. (**)I am living in. I achieved my goal, but am fully aware that this objective has reached the next stage: hard work.
    Work to sell this book, although, if the responses to date are anything to go by, maybe I will be so lucky that the book will spread it's wings by 'word of mouth'. Or would it be feather to feather, or seed to seed...

    If by any chance you'd like to order copy(s) in advance, See Shop. They will retail at €4.99
    I hope to have the copies by the end of February.

    If you liked this post, or would like to read more about the books
    or about "Alien Life" please see
    (**) alien-life

    Always interested to read your comments XX