Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rehab Group Visual and Performing Arts Fund- Into the Light

Months ago I was thinking about 'boxes', society's boxes.
You know the kind...
Society wants to put us in boxes, 
and I feel I don't really fit into any of them.

This made me think about the 'Disabled' box
What struck me most was, that although in all honesty I wish wasn't ill/disabled,
the things that makes it most difficult is that one has to deal with 
Health Boards, Occupational Therapists, Politicians... 
and their, at times, non-understanding of
disability related issues.
Resulting in a continues fight...

Recognise this?

I dug through my newspaper clipping.
I found a box
and climbed out of it
Bringing my crutches...
Out of the Box, © Corina Duyn 2014, 25x18,11cm

Funny enough, my writing project also became associated with a BOX!
I am always amazed how the brain, my brain, works.

I am VERY pleased to announce though that 
my Into the Light Project is being supported 
by a "Rehab Group Visual and Performing Arts Fund"!

For the publication of a limited edition Artist Book, creation of new Art, 
mentoring, residencies, PA Support, and an Exhibition/book launch at the end of it all.

My deepest gratitude.
To Rehab, and to everyone who has already supported me in my project,
practically, or emotionally.
It is great to step out of the box- Into the Light

Out of the Box, © Corina Duyn 2014, 25x18,11cm
"Out of the box" is available for €295, but with the understanding that the sculpture is available for the exhibition and book launches in September 2015
To reserve her, please email me
Out of the Box, © Corina Duyn 2014, 25x18,11cm

The Into the Light Project is being supported 
by the "Rehab Group Visual and Performing Arts Fund”.

For more about the Fund, please see here

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