Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Inclusive "Seeders" Exhibition

"SEEDERS" exhibition 

 Saturday 2nd of March 2013

Exhibition open to individuals of all abilities providing multi-sensory access, including Tactile Session at 1.30 pm, ISL and loop-system available for opening and talk. 

Gallery is wheelchair accessible .

Market House Art Centre, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.
Official Opening 2.30 pm.
Followed by Talk

sculptural work by Corina Duyn website, (some as shown on this blog
and Textile Art by Pascale De Coninck
For thoughts about the work, please see here

"Beneath" by Pascale De Coninck & "Rejuvenate" by Corina Duyn

If you have a group in mind with whom you would like to explore the work, again, please contact me.

We look forward to seeing you at the "Seeders" Exhibition

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Latest Art works

A short- visual- blog today
Not up to writing, but like to share these little images with you. 
Rejuvenation (detail) © Corina Duyn 2013
Rejuvenation, inspired by the need to take time out and re-evaluate what I am doing,"where I am at"
How to proceed.

Rejuvenation © Corina Duyn 2013

Riding on the Wave of Enthusiasm © Corina Duyn 2013
Riding on the Wave of Enthusiasm, a piece long in the making, and referred to in my writing about college. 
I had wondered if I was just riding along on other peoples, and my own, enthusiasm to be a student of Disability Studies, but that that was all it was. A ride.... On a wave, which I realized after I had started to create it, is something that does not last. At least a real wave is only something that last for a few seconds. Riding on it will land 'me' in the sea... For a while it felt that I was ending up in the whirlpool under the wave and close to drowning. 
I had to make sure that I would land safely on the beach. Happy about the exhilarating experience.
Riding on the Wave of Enthusiasm (Detail) © Corina Duyn 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cirrus Chronicles now as Audio Book

Dear all, long time no writing, but first of I'd like to with you all that is good for the year ahead!
So much to tell but start with one little bit of news. 

The Cirrus Chronicles is now available as Audio Book. 
Which is great for all of those who are not able to hold a book, 
like I experienced at the start of the illness M.E.

The story has been read by the brilliant Actor and Storyteller Nuala Hayes, who initially launched the book for me in 2009. 
While reading a chapter at the launch she had the whole room full of adults spellbound.
(I have resently been given a DVD of this lauch, and love to share a part of it with you.. 
if only I knew how!
Help accepted!)

The Audio CD recording has been kindly done by NCBI (National Council for the Blind in Ireland). 
The CD can be borrowed from their library although I am not sure how that works... 
BUT, it is available from my shop for €7.50
(including postage to anywhere in the world.
If you still like to look at the illustrations while the story is being read to you, the book and CD are available for €15.

Best wishes to you all