Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The Power of the Puppet lecture video

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Today there was a longer post, which might be of interest:

The Power of the Puppet” Video-Lecture is now available on  High resolution. In English, with Spanish and English, and Dutch subtitles. ** 

Or on Arts+Health website :  with this introduction:

 “The Power of the Puppet is a video lecture by Corina Duyn documenting her 23 year long creative journey through chronic illness. The lecture focuses on her puppetry work.

Corina trained as a nurse and social care worker in her native Netherlands before moving to Ireland in 1989. An artist and puppet designer, Corina has been exploring the internal landscape of illness in her work since she was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) in 1998.

This video was initially created in 2021 for the Puppetry Therapy Diploma at the Mu├▒ecoterapia in Chile where Corina’s work forms part of their lecture series.

Here is a blog  with links to most of Corina’s work for those wanting to know more about the art and story in the video.

In English with Spanish (Translated by Myli Pincheira V. ) and English subtitles. Dutch subtitles added, translation by Rob Wijbenga. With thanks.

Thank you Emma from for embedding the lecture in their video archives. And the continued support from Puppets InTransit  Andrea and Polo. And Emma Fisher for helping me to Create the video.

The lecture is 49 minutes long. My voice and images of my work, mainly that of exploring ME through puppetry. All in small sections so can be watched in snippets.

** For those with ME and extreme sound sensitivity, there is only one section with music in the “Life Outside the Box” puppet project I facilitated in 2015. This section is 14 minutes in, lasting about 4 minutes.

The rest is just my (soft) voice. There is no fast moving imagery, except briefly in the “Life Ouside the box” video.

As there are subtitles throughout, the sound can be turned off completely if you wish.

(Image is screenshot of the video - puppet in a wheelchair in the garden)