Sunday, February 14, 2016

What a short visit to Youghal beach can do...

Last Thursday I had an 'IWA Outreach Day' with fellow member Sarah, and two staff members, to Youghal.
Two puppets (my "reporter" and Miriam's Monk) came along for the ride. They attracted the attention of passers by and of a puppy, who had never seen/felt sand before and I am sure had never experienced a puppet just about taller than himself either.


While the photo's were being taken further up the beach, I got out of my wheelchair, carefully got my legs over the top step and enjoyed the tranquil sound of the water, the smells, the rolling waves.
Loving it! 
To my left I spotted seaweed, with lovely shaped pieces perfect for a 'hat' or 'hair' for a sculpture-to-be... some day. Miriam helped me to pick one out.

Over the past few days I made this little sculpture.
I already had the base of the head on which to build. I found a beautiful rock in my studio- perfect for the bust. Not having brought home seaweed, I found some dried dillisk in my cupboard to use as a'shawl'. I devised a way to make the clay look like stone.
Still some finishing touches and varnishing to do, but oh, did I enjoy making this, bringing out the peace and happiness I felt sitting on top of those steps at Youghal beach.

"Tranquility at Youghal Beach" © Corina Duyn 2016 15x17x7cm
"Tranquility at Youghal Beach" (back)  © Corina Duyn 2016 15x17x7cm

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Invitation to Life Outside the Box

The puppets now have their very own blog

If you can't make the launch, but would like a copy of the book/DVD, please contact me.
It will soon be available from my shop.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The amazing kindness of a stranger to benefit many 

The amazing kindness of strangers...

Yesterday I received an email with the heart warming offer that all postage cost for Into the Light book orders will be taken care of by this person. (For limited time only)

This means a saving for every book ordered for yourself,
or for a care setting of your choice.

Due to the nature of the book, with its heavy, high quality loose pages in a wooden box -  or care-settings version with laminated pages in a bigger box - the cost of postage ranges between €7.50 and €18.50, depending on the destination.

So the kindness of this one person,
who asked for anonymity,

is of benefit to many future readers.

My heart glows, and grows, with the thought that there are people in this world who so much value the message in this book, that they devised a way to remove the obstacle of high postage cost. Ensuring that Into the Light can make it to the right person and/or care settings.

There are four editions of Into the Light to suit every reader:
  • The main version: The wooden box €30
  • The Care-Setting Box with laminated pages and varished box €40
  • A very special limited edition of 12: A linen wrap around made by Muckross Bookbindery €95
  • A set of pages in a special envelop (no box) €20

My deepest gratitude to the kindness of strangers.
With every best wish to you all,


a sample page of my book, and how it is used 

Nature is an incredible teacher.

Nature is an incredible teacher.  We are meant to revere her, to listen to her in awe and to become part of her.

Writes Ingrid Bacci in  The Art of Effortless Living

I believe so too.
Nature has been, and is, my guide to understand life.
To understanding life with illness.
To understand healing.

Yesterday I had a wonderful meeting with spiritual healer Bryan Barret. The session was at a friend's complementary therapy clinic, a bit closer to home. (see links below)

Bryan commented how important is it for me to listen to the gentleness of nature...
As it happened, my friend had a copy of Into the Light  book-in-a-box  open on her table in the waiting room with this page on display:



Into the Light book in a box available from my bookshop

A very kind donor, who wish to remain anonymous has offered to cover all postage cost for Into the Light books, for a limited time
My deepest gratitude. 
A saving between €7.50 and €18.50 depending on destination)