Saturday, August 20, 2011

Isn't she beautiful

I would like to introduce my
Garden Room Studio
The past few weeks have been incredibly exciting.
My dream of about two months ago is really coming true. A place of my own... my studio "the garden room".
Dan created a wonderful strong base to build the studio on. Strong enough to have a rooftop swimming pool... Well we have to dream right...
Christopher helped me to create a new pathway and do a lot of digging, and clearing.

base of studio and new pathway to...
I realised more and more that this project was more than just a building.
It is a statement.
I am back.
flat pack studio!
Last Tuesday my brother and nephews arrived to start the building of the actual studio. Joop had worked out, and build the frame in his workshop in Kenmare. A flat pack studio! All very exciting to see if it would fit!

Duyn Design Team
It did! 
By lunchtime on Tuesday I could see what it would look like.
almost there
The building has been created with so much love and pride that I feel this has been embedded into the wood and makes for a very happy building indeed.
My deepest gratitude to all involved so far. X

Isn't she just beautiful!

My Garden Room Studio is much bigger
than it looks from the outside.
Today or in the next few days the electricity will be put in and the studio will be insulated.
I am dreaming of the day I can move in.

I will have the best view of my garden from this lovely, inspiring building.

Lucky me.

Adrian made this video of the building.

See here for pictures of how it was, 
and here to read about my journey back to being an artist
and here for a reminder about the sale of artwork

Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to school Book Offer

Back to school time, 
so here a little light reading 
for all the (young) ones embarking on a new school year, 
and a little book of encouragement for the year ahead.

Or for all of you 
who don't have to pack their bags to get ready for a new academic year, 
but could do with entering an enchanting world for a few minutes.

€15 for two book, including postage to anywhere in the world.

A signed copy of Cirrus Chronicles: A modern day Fairy Tale set in Ireland- suitable for 6-106 year old:
On the first glance at the cover is enough to know you are in for a treat.

A signed copy of Flying on Little Wings (paperback):
A book, small enough to fit in ones pocket, it will bring encouragement to a new student, or anyone embarking on a new journey, may it be study, healing, a new job...
A striking artistic achievement. It will bring joy and admiration to many hearts and minds.
(Brendan Kennelly- poet)


Monday, August 15, 2011

Five Star Cat

Tilly is looking for a home, 
a good home.
He is a 5 ***** cat after all

Currently living in Ardmore
He has taken a liking to the local
five star hotel

He snuggles up near the patio heaters
but isn't really welcome

Maybe a beautiful cat like Tilly
is not what a hotel is about.

Now Tilly is confined to the house
housebound so to speak
If you know of anyone who is looking for a good companion
A cat with class

Update. Tilly has found a new home.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Making space for the new

With the creation of my new studio (base has been made- building to start this week) I feel I am entering a new creative era. I am looking forward to create Artist Dolls again, and sculptures, and Artists Books.... and....

New beginnings mean doing some clearing of the "old".

The following Artist Dolls, framed photographs and framed digital images are on sale at a hugely discounted rate. Price mainly consists of post and packaging cost and some cost towards materials like framing or clay. (If you don't have paypall and would like to order any of these works, please contact me for other payment options)

Please read on!
"Book Fairy" Artist Doll,  ©Corina Duyn
45x27x28cm /17.5x10.5x11 inch

The Book Fairy, is a fairy who comes to life out of a story book, again an Artist Doll (as apposed to a doll one can play with). She represents all the magic that goes on between the book covers.
€100 including postage to anywhere in Ireland- €120 outside of Ireland.


"Yona" Artist Doll © Corina Duyn
58x50cm / 23x20 inch
Yona is an Artist Doll I started in the summer I became ill ('98). She was finished in 2003 just before my first exhibition in the Market House Art Centre in Dungarvan.
Made out of clay, wire, and lead. 
For me she celebrates life.


"Growth" Photographs- framed ©Corina Duyn
75x38cm / 29.5x15 inch
 "Growth" is a triptych of photographs, observing the growth of a sunflower.
A bright happy image.
€50 including postage to anywhere in Ireland- €75 outside of Ireland


"Movement" Photograph -framed ©Corina Duyn
33x40cm / 13x16 inch
"Movement" a framed photograph of the impression left by the waves on Ardmore beach.
€40 including postage to anywhere in Ireland- €50 outside of Ireland


"Protection I" digital art-photograph-framed © Corina Duyn
(framed size) 36x32cm / 14x12.5 inch
"Protection I" Digital image- photograph
At the start of the illness I felt that my life had been reduced to that comparable to an egg. Also with the possibility of growth- a new life.
€40 including postage to anywhere in Ireland- €50 outside of Ireland


"Protection II" digital art-photograph-framed © Corina Duyn
(framed size) 36x32cm / 14x12.5 inch
"Protection I" Digital image- photograph
Similar thoughts as behind "Protection I"
€40 including postage to anywhere in Ireland- €50 outside of Ireland


If you don't have paypall and would like to order any of these works, please contact me for other payment options

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Article in ""

The day the article about my (mis)adventures with the scooter appeared in the Irish Times   I was asked by Michael from "" to write a piece about living with a disability- with focus on day to day living.

I must say that I was really touched by the fact I was asked on the very day that I felt I was able to "get back to work" again after the months of not being well enough to really write.

Now it has been published I must admit to be "over the moon" with all the lengthy responses, "likes" and links to facebook pages and twitter accounts.

Thank you to all the readers (I saw that it already had over 1600 views), for your time to read my thoughts on living with a disability, to respond in such length and for the private messages emailed to me through my website.

lots of love to you all.

Maybe just maybe "we" have started the national day of disability awareness...

see the article on the journal website for comments, but as always, love! to read your thoughts here too!

Monday, August 1, 2011

There is was... gone

the inherited garden shed, painted up to look it's best
 which became my studio
leaking roof and all!
time to go...
I am looking forward to a Real Studio

stage ...4?
the front and back panels were removed via the
boundary wall by Barry and Mariela
I felt dizzy just looking at this event!