Monday, April 13, 2020

A time of change

TImes are changing, and so is my life.

The hand of change 

The (western) world is now almost beyond recognition, ruled by Covid-19. Millions are told to stay at home.
For me personally not a huge amount has changed. I am still housebound. And yet lots has changed, but not all because of this invisible but powerful force.

My health is up and down. I am much more restricted in my movements and ability to create than even a year ago.
Yet again I have to re-invent the creative wheel.

Writing, as much as would like to, is now coming about in very short spells. I never thought I’d ever say this, but most of my thoughts I’d wish to share are making their way onto Facebook first, and not so much on my blog.
At the same, I also realized that people are more likely to read short notes and don’t always click on the links provided in social media platforms.

For those of you who kindly follow my blog, may I please ask you to also sign up to my Facebook page?

I also share images and quotes on Instagram

Occasionally I can be found on twitter

I will turn up here on my blog too, but with the longer stories or adventures. I still like the idea of blog as a more permanent source of information and chronicling my creative life with M.E.

In tandem with this change of (social media) scenery, I am also changing my physical creative space.
The once beloved studio, is slowly turning into a space to relax in, to be close to my garden and birds. My study/library is also turning into a quieter space.

Not easy decisions, but ultimately the right ones, in keeping with my current life.
Embarking on implementing these changes is actually bringing peace.

Stay safe everyone.
And please do stay in touch.

If you do not follow any of the above social media platforms, please email me and I will keep in touch that way.