Monday, March 1, 2021

Early retirement?

 My dear friends

I am playing around with little ‘Paper-me’ used
in the shadow puppetry, but without the projector. Just ‘raw’, as it is.

Thank you for stopping by at my blog. A friend alerted me that I hadn’t entered any post since the 7th February. I do have thoughts about writing, but often they don’t get past my own brain or at most into my personal diary.

The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster of sorts again. With help from many hands and minds I made great progress to letting go of my books, art prints and postcards. As well as the work created for the exhibition, which never really was.

It is good to let go

Many books went to charities and organisation looking after the ill. Including ‘Jack and Gill’ foundation, local care home and the Irish ME Trust. 

I received some beautiful heartwarming emails and orders from all over the world.

It brings great joy to know what my words, images and thoughts have been set free from closed boxes and into the hearts and minds of many.

Thank you all

The online bookshop will close on the 10th March 2021. Of some books I only have few copies left, so if you like to avail of the almost no cost books, and Art Packs, please see my SHOP page 

The page to book the puppet making course will remain live after this date.


Last night in bed I thought about the reality of my current situation: being more depended on care, and finding it quite a challenge. Since my care was moved to a new agency, there are a lot of different carers coming in, sometimes three in the one day. 

I have to admit that the inconsistency of care led to a big struggle to ‘keep it all together’. Much more is asked of me than I am able to give. I have sought support on how to deal with this. Including from Greg and Linda Crowhurst, from Stonebird, who wrote this excellent document partly inspired by our communication. Their Carers book for people with severe and very severe ME is on the counter in my kitchen. 

Old sculptures and puppets

In dealing with the reality of a decline in health and the immense need to make life simpler, the clearing out continues. When I am able for it I ask my carers to bring in my sculptures and puppets in from the cold unused studio. It is actually quite an emotional journey to connect with my works, some created nearly 50 years ago. Some more recent, but with a much bigger story to tell me...

Reconnecting with ‘Johnny Dwyer’ from ‘Life Outside the Box’
He told me he had NO intention to go back into his box...
A great dilemma for me.

One day I will document their stories here, but for now I have written short thoughts on my Instagram page. Please head over there if you can? 

Some of the older works are ‘up for adoption’. Please enquire if one gets your fancy (as shared on Instagram page). I am hoping to build up a fund for future care needs from these sales.

Creatively - I have taken early retirement. On health grounds

That thought made me giggle last night, as for the past 22 years my art was mostly about the state of living with illness... The challenges, the hopes, the fears and moments of gratitude.

During the sorting of materials from my studio, it is paper which gets my most attention. I will play with this notion for a while. Play. The all important word: Play. Having fun. Bringing ease.

Will try to check in here again.

Thank you for joining me.

Much love and stay well and stay in touch, please.

Corina (1st March 2021)

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Thank you

 My dear, dear friends.

I hope this finds you all well in this utterly strange time. 
Life is ever changing. Life is never linear. But who would have imagined a year ago that the world would change beyond recognition. For me personally, in the strangeness of life with chronic illness, not a whole lot has changed. At least not in the way of being housebound. That simply continued as before Covid. However, unfortunately my health has taking another bit out of my life and I am making changes accordingly. Life is never linear.

As some of you are aware, last year I explored the art of shadow puppetry. This proved to be an amazingly accessible art form. I didn’t require any practical help to create. What a beautiful revelation. I could make a world in miniature by cutting a little ‘paper-me’ as well as the birds and the tree in my garden. Projection them (using an overhead projector) onto the opposite wall brought me and others into regions of my mind I had not yet explored. Over time I edited the ‘Invisible Octopus’ poem and created a very short video-poem, the shadow images as illustrations.

“Here is a poem, a story, an animation, of a life triumphant under the weight of a debilitating illness M.E., of a woman whose words are her lifeline, an inspiration to others.” Dolores Ronayne, Poet.


These images were also part of an exhibition - which never really was due to Covid. Art about isolation - in isolation ... See video of the exhibition on the POEM page.

Since this time I have not really been able to have access to my creative mind. I think this will return in some shape or form after I make further changes to my lived environment and adapt to new care support.


I have a great desire to make life much simpler. It is a need, not just a desire.

As part of this process I sorting through my collected books, course material, writing files etc etc. But also sorting through my own published books, prints, cards and bookmarks. This led to the decision to greatly reduce my online shop. 

As part of this my remaining books are now available by paying for postage cost only (or as some people are kindly doing - adding a small donation of their choice - how beautiful.)

The cards and prints etc are available as ‘Art Packs’ which have an eclectic mix of material - each pack being different. Currently I have 12 general ‘Art Packs’ packs left, and 6 of the ‘Invisible Octopus Art Packs. All at hugely reduced costs.



I am indebted by the huge support I have received over the two decades (and more) to enable my creative mind to voice the challenges, joys and moments of gratitude of life with illness. Support from friends, family and the general public. But also from funding institutions, whom have been more than generous in their encouragements as well as financial support. 

My deepest gratitude.


I am sure I will find some way to continue to use my voice. To tell my story.  But again to make life simpler for me, I have decided to go back to my Blog writing, instead of creating email content/ and longer Facebook post. I would like to ask those of you who’d like to stay up to date on my ‘adventures’ to sign up for Blog updates.

You can do so by visiting the web version of this Blog which will show a sign up option on the right hand side of the screen. (On a mobile device, scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘view web version’.)

Many, many thanks for being such an important part of my journey. I can not thank you enough.

Much love to you all


February 2021