Sunday, August 8, 2010

The gourmet capital

No rest for the wicked - as the saying goes.
While lying on the settle outside with the intention to relax a while, I couldn't resist the temptation to get up again.
The many bees, wasps, and butterflies are busy exploring my garden. But what is the attraction for the hover-flies to this one particular poppy?

Is there a birthday party going on (and I am not invited), are they munching on the equivalent of a wedding cake? Or was there an article in the 'hover-buzz' newspaper this morning about THE place to get your Sunday Brunch - in the gourmet capital which is my little patch of a garden?

Who knows!
All I know is, that my head comes up with stories, and there is no getting away with ignoring the specatcles in my garden.
Lucky me!


john said...

I think there is something going on in the insect world today. Just back from walking dog and seen loads of tiny blue butterflies..sort I used to see as a child and haven't seen for years. So wee..maybe barely an inch across and beautiful delictae delft blue :O)

Corina Duyn said...

Hi John,
delft blue butterflies. How lovely. I saw a little butterfly just like that only a few weeks ago. At first I thought it was whatever way the light hit the butterfly to make it look blue, but it was as blue as blue can get. Delicate.