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Articles about Flying on Little Wings from this weeks papers.

Feelgood Supplement, Irish Examiner 15-4-’11 A different perspective, page 11

Here follow the text from the article so it is easier to read:

Chronic illness opened up a stunning world of creativity for Corina Duyn

Throughout the almost thirteen years of living with the chronic illness M.E, friends, nature and creativity have been the lifelines that have kept my mind afloat. On paper I can be free, and fly as high as a bird.
During the early years I started to make drawings of eggs. I wondered why, until the dictionary gave me the answer. Egg: spheroidal reproductive body enclosed in a protective layer, capable of developing into a new individual. This made perfect sense to me, as I needed protection, care, and most importantly, I felt I was given the chance to start my life anew.
I had not anticipated this growth would take the best part of thirteen years. But then again, are we ever finished growing?
My art works helped me to explore the major boundaries dictated by this illness and at the same time let me ‘fly’ to unknown places.
During this time I also wrote. These words and images became the backdrop to many exhibitions and the publication of my first book Hatched 2006, and later Cirrus Chronicles, 2009.
Creating art, writing and publishing books is of great pleasure to me. It keeps my mind active and helps me to change the focus from illness to possibilities. The responses to my work continue to be heart-warming and help me in turn to keep doing what I am doing.
Although I have lived many years more or less housebound and am still restricted in my mobility and energy levels, creativity is my way to communicate with the world around me. A joy that has been given to me, because, of living with an illness.

Living life in the slow lane, and spending a lot of time at home- or in it’s very immediate surroundings - I’ve learned to see the beauty that is around all of us if we take the time to look. This, what I can now see as a privilege, has made it’s way into my writing.
I take many photographs of the happenings in my garden in Lismore: birds, butterflies, unusual insects, budding plants, a leaves covered in frost. Some make it onto my website or on my blog: Some make it into my books.
While quite ill again in the lather part of last year, these photographs entered my searching brain. I wondered why I was so ill, and what I might have done ‘wrong’ or what I could change to feel better. I began to think of the many photographs of birds. Within a short time, the handmade book featured here - Flying on Little Wings - was born. The focus on something positive did not bring relief in terms of pain, but it certainly brought me healing of a different kind. I decided to share this project with others and brought out a limited edition of handmade books. The responses were amazing: it brought people to tears - words like ‘precious’ and ‘inspiring’ were uttered.
“A stunning artistic achievement. It will bring joy and admiration into many hearts and minds,” commented Irish Poet Brendan Kennelly

        Working creatively in this way bring me hope; the sharing brings me immense joy, and receiving wonderful comment gives me a purpose in life.
The idea was suggested to me to publish this book into printed format. Flying on Little Wings has in its short ‘flight’ reached the shores of Australia, USA, UK, Israel, and the Netherlands. I have been asked for (handmade) books to be translated into Hebrew, Dutch and French.
Who would have thought that when I was stuck in bed, overcome with fear of being bedbound once again, that my thoughts would reach so many people? The thank you notes are a beautiful gift to me.

Note left of images:
These pictures and words from Corina’s book Flying on Little Wings, give a glimpse of the deep simplicity of her creative work which is inspired by nature and the birds in her garden.
Note under the images:
Flying on Little Wings was printed in Cork by the wonderfully helpful people of City Print, and is available from my website €4.99 or soon from

Kiely's Comment- Dungarvan Observer 13-4'11

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