Monday, April 14, 2014

my own little piece of heaven

I made soup this morning. It felt a bit as if I had run a marathon on hands and feet up and down the mountain. I was so tired afterwards that I pretty much spend the following five hours horizontal. 

What harm! 

It happened to be a gloriously sunny and warm spring day, so I cuddled up on my garden bench, wrapped in a blanket when it was still a little chilly, and later protected from the sun by an umbrella when it got to hot for me. Watching the happenings in my garden, see the short video.

Garden heaven from Corina Duyn on Vimeo.

I watched and listened to the many birds around me. One is chirping right now, just feets away from where I sit. My cat is a bird watcher too, and luckily to lazy (?) to go after any.
I saw blue tits, great tits, a dunnock, siskin, coal tit, chaffinch and gold finches. Bees, and very pale looking tiny flies. Entertained was provided by all the birds, flying to and from bird feeders and on the ground where the gold finches had ditched unwanted seeds from the feeders. 

A great tit sitting on a branch of the contorted willow tree, slapped a mustard coloured worm to stop it wiggling. Having  it's feet on one end of the worm, it tried to pull the worm apart, stretching it like an elastic band. Gobbling it up with great delight not much later. Another great tit, the same perhaps? is building a nest in the wall.

The greatest and most unexpected entertainment was provided by ants.When I picked up a long lost smashed dinky toy car buried in the garden by previous residents of my house, a large amount of ants came running out. I had disturbed their very special home! 
Who would know what adventures are awaiting me in my own little patch of heaven?

Maybe my garden views might not be as spectacular as I experienced at Dechen Shying, but very beautiful all the same!

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hayleyeszti said...

I love listening to the birds, I find it so relaxing. There's a bird house in our garden and every two years birds return from the South to our house to lay there eggs, it's so lovely to watch!
I hope the soup was worth the horrible PEM!
x Hayley-Eszto |

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you Hayley for stopping by and for your lovely comment. Birds... the life saviour of my sanity!

The soup was worth the day on the garcen bench!

be good