Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Cirrus Chronicles

Cirrus Chronicles- Arriving in Ballynelligan.
This book, which I wrote and illustrated, is the first in a series of Fables, which follows the adventures of Cloud Fairy Cirrus.
Cirrus, a 10-year-old resident from Cloud Nine, accidentally lands in a field in Ballynelligan- Ireland. He encounters a Robin, Wren, and a Song Thrush, who tell him all about their lives and life in the area. He befriends Wally Wood Mouse and received the help of Robert Cat and the partying Christmas Tree Fairies to find a way home again. Magic is in the air!

Storyteller Nuala Hayes’s 7-year –old granddaughter Síafra gave it a hundred out of a hundred! (…which she later updated to 1000 out of 1000!)

Arts reviewer of the Munster Express wrote: ...I love the real world around Lismore that Corina Duyn has conjured up, especially the Cloudland International Rainbow Dance Festival, where the cloud fairies dance and eat sky-blue candyfloss and drink rainbow lemonade. You may even learn Cloud-Hole-Jumping.

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Note that all writing and illustrations are copyrighted © Corina Duyn 2009