Saturday, January 15, 2011

When you are out flying on little wings

After a busy week, of which more some other time, I spend yesterday catching up on sleep. During waking hours I concentrated on creativity. My handmade book to be precise.

When you are out Flying on Little Wings

I enjoyed the process although making handmade books is quite time consuming... but the result is lovely- if I may be so bold to comment on my own creations.
Dianne wrote yesterday: "hope the creativity is making you happy". I can safely say: YES Dianne, thanks for asking!

I am most excited to have set free some of the photographs I had taken of the visiting birds in my garden. Most, if not all the images were locked into my computer, it feels good to have used them in a book, and to create a very short story around them...
The idea for this project came about during a recent relapse. At least it was good for something!! See here for more about the making of the book

If you'd like your own personally signed, limited edition (50) copy please contact me

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suepage said...

Looks beautiful Corina - cannot wait to own one!

Corina Duyn said...

Sue, a late reply and by now you have your very own copy- the first ever copy! in your hands!