Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to school Book Offer

Back to school time, 
so here a little light reading 
for all the (young) ones embarking on a new school year, 
and a little book of encouragement for the year ahead.

Or for all of you 
who don't have to pack their bags to get ready for a new academic year, 
but could do with entering an enchanting world for a few minutes.

€15 for two book, including postage to anywhere in the world.

A signed copy of Cirrus Chronicles: A modern day Fairy Tale set in Ireland- suitable for 6-106 year old:
On the first glance at the cover is enough to know you are in for a treat.

A signed copy of Flying on Little Wings (paperback):
A book, small enough to fit in ones pocket, it will bring encouragement to a new student, or anyone embarking on a new journey, may it be study, healing, a new job...
A striking artistic achievement. It will bring joy and admiration to many hearts and minds.
(Brendan Kennelly- poet)


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