Saturday, August 29, 2015

What makes 'Into the Light' into a book...

A book in a box, with loose sheets requires a bit of assembling...
One of the boxes full of Boxes

Boxes full of book pages

all the other bits:
bookmark-invites; bookmarks, sleeves for the boxes, stickers for inside the box...
A room full of boxes...
Heike helping me! Thank goodness!

My job: Signing and labeling the boxes
Box- with sleeve
Back of sleeve

Into the Light- fully assembled

Opening the Box
Loose pages in the box

Into the Light Book Pages and box with sleeve

Me and Mary Quinn, who was the first person
to pick up her copy of Into the Light

All done.

Ready for the Book launches!!

can't come to the launch? Book also available from my shop

and a little  Story about book-babies

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