Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Closing, and (re)opening doors

Yesterday was one of those days...
It started off with the challenge of pretty bad fatigue accompanied by pain. Inflammation of some sort? Anyway, the way brightened as it went its merry way.

Post arrived

I am still a great believer in the beauty of receiving post via the letterbox.
A letter accompanied by printed photos. Thanks Moira.
page from Hatched

And a letter with an appointment for the MRI. At last I have been given a landing slot and can stop circling the skies. It is even in time before my appointment to get the results from the neurologist. (I had appointment for result, but no date for test). Logic, it seems, has prevailed. Or perhaps the stern letter from my GP worked. Whatever the case, I have an appointment. I hope of course that is it 'just ME' or old age setting in, and not something else to scare me. But whatever comes up, it is already there. I just don't know a name for it.

Closing one door

To clear the way to follow my desire to teach again, as I wrote the other day I decided on closing one door, to be able to have energy to open another.
I would dearly like to find ways to facilitate puppet workshops with people and groups in them community. To reach out to people who could benefit from being involved in the creative process. The puppet project (and similar I had done, prior to illness, with teenagers in a group home) brought the value of this clearly into focus. As teaching would take a great deal of my energy, I decided that I can no longer go to the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) resource centre. (It is there where I facilitated the Life Outside the Box Puppetry project.) I have been going to the centre as a IWA member for a few years, but feel it is time to move on. It is not a place I can further grow. And teaching, I know, would be my one big event in the week, so I closed the IWA Resource Centre door today.

Opening a door to the past

As it happens, as life seem to happen in its peculiar ways, soon after I emailed my letter off to the IWA, a young woman from Finland made contact via Facebook. The name rang a bell... She and her friend were my students shortly before I became ill in 1998. They were about 17 at the time and stayed with me for a month to learn the art of doll making as part of their art college course in Finland. We did not have contact for at least 17 years.
So here I am, on a day when I make a firm commitment to myself to go back to teaching puppetry and Doll Art, in some shape or from, whatever is practical and workable, I hear from one of the last people I taught before illness changed my life. Sari did not become a Doll Artist, her friend Anna did. Sari sounded happy in life.

Opening new doors

So, whatever way this teaching will happen, I am ready to listen to the universe. I am ready to explore and be guided in how, and where I will continue my journey.

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