Saturday, July 8, 2017

you can make anything by writing

I am still out of sorts
but sorting myself out

... these were the words which appeared on my diary page this morning. I am still out of sorts, but sorting myself out.
I left it at that.

I seem to be still in the process to re-establish the me in my life, after the busy and at times confusing few months. 
Clearing helps. Clearing my garden was so powerful. And am now in the process of more tidying in my house. Again... An ongoing project really. 
I seem to have the need to move things around (and in the process, moving energy around...
And to dispose of stuff. 
Tidy my books. My desk. My studio. My space. My head.
puppet Johnny Dwyer by Corina Duyn sitting on a box in front of bookshelf
Johhny Dwyer overseeing the tidying of my study.
I know that this is all in preparation for good things to come.
I also cleared some people out of my life (metaphorically speaking of course) and invited some others to join me on my journey. Mostly creative people.

So, while I tidy up my life, I am getting ready for new adventures.

To reflect on C.S. Lewis's wise words which I have written on Puppet Johnny Dwyer's travel box... "You can make anything by writing."

Writing words in my diary, sharing my private thoughts which seem to flow from my pen onto the clear space in front of me. Sharing the challenges, the joys, the hopes and desires. To make plans. All in the safe place between pen and paper. I never stop marveling of the power of this excersice.
Creative ideas come into focus. But also life in general.

I can make anything by writing.

wooden box with a drawing of a hand writing the words: "You can mande anything by writing" C.S. Lewis
"You can make anything by writing"
C.S. Lewis
Cover of Johnny Dwyer's travel box
Be well my dear friends.
Wishing you a lovely weekend!
And maybe... find a lovely notebook and most comfortabel pen, or embark on a space clearing exercise... a few minutes at the time.

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