Saturday, March 23, 2019

Nottingham Puppet Festival Talk on Puppetry, Disability & Health

Today exactly a year ago I gave a talk at the Nottingham Puppet Festival at Nottingham Trent University.

The Dance of Life- Talk at Nottingham Puppet Festival - Corina Duyn

I was able to travel there because of the support and kindness of friends, family and strangers.
Again, my deepest gratitude

At the time I was asked to keep you all informed on the travels, the experiences, links to my talks etc. But the one month long journey was a lot, a lot harder than I had dared to even imagine. Still so glad I did it, but my physical health certainly did suffer.
So Exactly one year on I would like to share with you a recording of my talk, which I called "The Dance of Life".
I must admit I was rather nervous at the start ... but I think I was ok once I got going. I must admit too that I have not yet listened, or looked back to the full talk. So, it is a premiere for all of us.

The talk follows my creative journey from the first doll made at the age of ten, to the creation of many Fantasy Folk figures; How teaching puppet making with young people informed my own creative adventures through twenty years of illness. All leading to exploring Puppetry in relation to Disability and Health.

Watch the talk here (YouTube)

Thanks to Sean Myatt Senior Lecturer Design for Performance, 
School of Art & Design, Nottingham Trent University, for the invitation. 
And Jane Jermyn for recording and being my PA during that week.

(The sound is not brilliant and as the Questions at the end were not audible, I did not include them in this video.)

Corina Duyn and Kerrie Marshall, at Nottingham Puppetry Festival March 2018
Myself and Kerrie Marshall, my co-speaker, after our talks at
Nottingham Puppetry Festival March 2018 talk
(And Póilin in the middle)

Further viewing
  • Like to make your own puppet? See introduction video HERE  and contact me to sign up for the Distant Learning Puppet Making Course
  • Póilin's view of our adventure, see HERE

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