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Over the past two decades Corina Duyn’s journey has been well documented in video and voice. Here just a selection of Puppetry, Poetry, Writing, Lectures and Podcasts by and about Corina Duyn’s work. To avail of the highest resolution option I’d suggest to watch directly on Youtube – go to the ‘Videos’ option to see all. 

*Note to people with Severe ME * SEE BELOW regarding unexpected loud noise…

7 November 2023. A short video (7 min.) created for the Nursing Home Ireland Care award nomination and shortlist.

Lectures and ‘Invisible Octopus’

Corina Duyn Video Lecture  (2021) (00:49 min)  I narrate the story of my creative journey. Illustrated with many images. Main focus is on the role of puppetry in exploring my own life with chronic illness and disability but also how puppetry is a valuable tool to bring greater awareness of disability. 
The video is divided up in several sections so can be viewed over time. English and Spanish subtitles available. Transcript available on request. A related BLOG link about the then 23 year long creative journey .

Invisible Octopus’ Poem and art by Corina Duyn (2020) (02:13min) With English, Spanish, Dutch, French and German subtitles. Also see poem page Visiting ‘Ribbon of Light’ (2020) (06:00 min) which was a shared exhibition with Anna Moore, RIP, showcasing my ‘Invisible Octopus’ works. The exhibition closed a day after opening due to Covid 19 restrictions, and never reopened.

Puppetry & Disability lecture at Cork Puppetry Festival (2018)(28:24) Funded by Cork Puppetry Festival research fund.

Puppetry videos

Póilin’s Travels with ME. (2018) (05.51) The story of making a more accessible puppet Póilin as well as our joined travels to the UK for Puppetry and Disability Talks at Nottingham Puppetry Festival, Keynote speaker at ‘The Broken Puppet 2 in Bath, and meeting other puppeteers and makers. 

The Reflection Girls (2018) (02.35)is a very short introduction of story of facing one’s reality. These puppets were in 2019/20 the subject of a proposed Puppetry film about life with ME. Due to limitations of my body, this story was eventually brought to life using shadow puppetry. ‘Invisible Octopus’. See a short abstract of ‘Invisible Octopus using the puppets .

The Dance of Life (2014) (0:56) Two animation figures. The interdependence of life. Was intended to be a much longer animation which hasn’t happened yet. First published on Vimeo in 2014  as The Dance of Life – by Corina Duyn (preview) 

Life Outside the Box and Nationwide

In 2015 I started working with fellow members at the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) on what became the Life Outside the Box Puppet Project  (04.21min) was funded by Create, Artist in the Community Scheme. This project was followed by an exhibition with work by our group: Dis- ability This Ability  Exhibition Launch Talk by MEP Grace O’Sullivan. Our short film was adapted for inclusion in ‘People’s Angelus’ on RTE tv and is aired  once every three months. 

Fit to Fly and Flight Path

Fit to Fly Documentary by David Begley (2003) about the early years of living with M.E. In two parts Fit to Fly part I (08:06)  Fit to Fly – Part II (07:03). (Please note that the first video starts with black screen for a few seconds) Funded by Arts & Disability Forum. This story was adapted by RTE Nationwide team and aired in  2003. This is included in this link which has both episodes (13:36). A follow up was recorded by Nationwidein 2018. (07:27)

Flight Path by Katie Lincoln (2006) 06:05) was created to accompany my first book Hatched / Funded by Arts Council of Ireland and Waterford County Council. 

Into the Light – book in a box

Into the Light – book in a box (2015) I finished a writing and art project I had worked on for years. Introduction video  (2.29min)while book in the making with help of a Rehab Grant. See book page: Into the Light    And Video of finished book.

Book launch (2015) (08:57) with Michael Harding at Dzogchen Beara (Abstract). Filmed and edited by Adrian Duyn.

For ME Awareness Day organised by ME Advocates Ireland in 2020, three well know Irish Writers and poets recited one poem each from Into the Light: St. Stanislaus Kennedy, Michael Harding, and Nuala O’Connor  (04.57).


Podcast created from interview with Emma Windsor, Puppet Place (2020) (24.27 min) in 7 small sections or can be viewed as one HERE  see same channel to watch each section separately.

Puppet making course 

After years of teaching in my studio, and later supporting students online, all my puppet making videos and accompanying online books are now free to access. See HERE for all the links. The videos are now listed as public on my YouTube channel. The videos and online ISSUU documentsare interchangeable to follow the course. Sculpting head, hands, cheer maing the body, painting instructions and how to use the puppet. Instructions also for doll or bust making.


*Note to people with Severe ME * regarding unexpected loud noise: I don’t use music in my videos. Or unexpected loud sounds. Most are just voice and nature sounds.  However in the ‘Life Outside the Box’ video which also features in the Lectures, there is a short section of Irish Traditional Music about 4 minutes in, during the scene of the puppets in the shopping centre, dancing. ‘Fit to Fly’ contains some gently music.  Some videos have subtitles, some even in various languages.  It goes with it saying that I have no control over the Of course Youtube now starts with noisy ads.

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