Friday, September 23, 2011

Inspiring Doll Artists

Who rules the moon and the stars © Marlaine Verhelst             
To continue, what looks like to be a series-in-the-making, I would like to share with you the work by two Doll Artists- Marlaine Verhelst and Hennie Koffrie, both Dutch, who greatly inspire me to continue to create and to be as imaginative as one can be with design and the use of materials.

I have worked with Marlaine on a three occasions, twice during a workshop in France and once in her home studio. I very much admire her work. Marlaine teaches all over the world. If you like to read  more, please visit  Marlaine Verhelst's blog. or here for a bio
To me, her fantasy figures are beyond imagination.
"Fly like a Bird" © Marlaine Verhelst  

Hennie Koffrie is a friend and colleague of Marlaine. They travel together to various Doll Events all over the world. I haven't yet had the pleasure to meet Hennie, but someone/something did in my place (see below).
Hennie's work is wonderful. Looking at her images gives me the freedom to create whatever is in my head- to use whatever materials will come my way; to tell a story. I can't wait to get started.
(Studio nearly ready!)

"Last Mile" © Hennie Koffrie
Years ago, when 'travelling' to my bathroom or kitchen was an event in itself, I sent a tiny stuffed penguin out into the world beyond- she became my alter ego. MEme (M.E.- me) travelled by post to many many countries and visited friends and family, but she was also introduced to people I've never met, and places I've never been.
MEme's carers wrote in her diary and took photos of the adventures. When the diaries came back to me, I really DID feel I had been away on a break. They have given me hours and years of comfort, laughter and gratitude.
During the time MEme spend with Marlaine ('02) she was brought along to a Doll Event in Washington. MEme shared a room with Marlaine and Hennie. I have this wonderful photo of MEme getting a kiss from Hennie! When I looked for a web-link to Hennie's work I couldn't stop laughing when I saw MEme in the hands of Hennie! 
Hennie with MEme- my alter ergo
I keep meaning to scan the pages of MEme's diaries and put them up on my website- so you can all enjoy the adventures and funny images.... but it is such a big job. Anybody offering their services to do this....? 
I can ask, can't I :-)

For some of my own Artist Dolls of the past see here

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