Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Three highlights of 2011

If I were to narrow down the highlights of 2011 to three events/experiences, they would be
  • The building of my Studio "The Garden Room"! (See Studio for the building of it, including the very funny video. Or see here for more about this amazing fortune.) 
  • Learning to Weave at college. (See Weaving post)

My dear friends,  I would like to wish you a great year ahead
 in which all your dreams come true. 
And ... I'd love to hear/read about your three highlights?
(preferably here on the blog... comment box below) 

XX Corina


addon said...

Three highlights from me:

meeting a blogger whose site I admire a lot, getting to know her and getting wonderful coaching in the expressive use of oil pastels - one-on-one tuition! She gave me such exciting insights into mark-making.

realising that I was not only wasting my time at the camera club I joined a couple of years ago but it was an irritation I could do without - so I left it!

best one of all - seeing and enjoying the marvellous happiness of my elder daughter in her second marriage (after she had been widowed in her first marriage)

Corina Duyn said...

Great highlights Adam. Creative, being realistic and seeing happiness!

Wishing you a great year ahead.


addon said...

all the best for 2012, Corina!!!

Edinburgh flats said...

Best of luck with these highlights! My aim is to get a glass extension in my garden.

Corina Duyn said...

Go for it!!
Last year I put a polytunnel in my garden. A dream place! Would love to see it made into glass though as my cat and the neighbourhood cat-friends- have made my polytunnel a "self-Watering" one... it has sooo many holes now! :-)