Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tired from standing up unaided

My next art project is all about movement ...

I intend to learn the tricks of stop-motion animation.
I started a few months ago
and imagine it might take me a year
 to complete the figures, and a very short film.

I assembled one armature a few months ago.
And made it a pod.

The past few days,
together with Phyllis
we assembled the second armature.

Slightly different design.

After putting it almost together yesterday,
we had to take a lot of pieces apart again today.

Hip bones were meant to be ankles...
Shoulders really only have one joint...
But we did it!

However, it proofed to be in need of our support to stand up.
Or maybe it was just tired
from all the surgeries! ...
Tired from Corina Duyn on Vimeo.

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