Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day six -Back on track

There is nothing as valuable as a reminder of what one values... Health. Wellbeing. Friendship. Support.

Yesterday I received an email with payment notification for a copy of the Cirrus Chronicles. I always ask the buyer if they would like me to dedicate the book to anyone, or just sign it. Jenny responded "dedicated to all the ME sufferers of the world - united we stand!" This gave me goosebumps.
This morning I received a response to a message, and in it Kirsten wrote: "decided though that when they find the magic cure for this [illness] it's time for a world tour for us all and we'll pick up people as we go and travel in triumph."

It is wonderful how support can be given by just a few words, from people we are unlikely ever to meet in person. Unless Kirsten's idea come true!

Also had the fortune of spending a few hours in the company of a dear friend. A good end to a day that started rather challenging.

As my photographs seem to make people laugh- thank you all, it's lovey to share with you, I have added a few others on my facebook page.

"The best catch of the year!"

(I found this little figure, about 4cm high, on the road one day- hours of entertainment! Here with a chocolate fish)


Kirsten said...

got to be careful and think before i say things to you...never know where they might end up!! great dedication to be asked to make.

Corina Duyn said...

Yes, KP I've heard before that it can be 'dangerous' to hang around with writers (or wannabe writers)! Some qoutes are just too good to keep quiet about. I've started to plan my recovery trip!
The dedication to all with ME still gives me goosebumps.