Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day Twenty! Beach

Today I had to bring the car for a NCT test in Youghal, which is about a half hour drive from here.
I was apprehensive if I was able for the drive, but did it! And oh boy, was I rewarded for my efforts.
After the test I drove to the seaside, about 5 minutes further. The tide was in and waves were hitting the rocks. My cousin, who was with me, walked along the rocks and along the tiny strip of beach while I sat at the top of the concrete stairs, baking in the sun.

A young man was sunbathing; Two men at least in their seventies, were changing into their swimming togs, their bare bottoms showing; A nun walked along the promenade, her vale tucked into her grey fleece, left hand on her back, holding a rosary beads.
The delight of this gloriously sunny day so late in September showed on everyone's face.

I was proud, so proud, to have driven to this glorious place!
My only regret.... no camera...