Friday, September 24, 2010

Day Fifteen- "Hatched" Day of world book tour

I almost had to cancel this third day on the Virtual-World-Book-Tour.
I kind of collapsed again last night. Even after twelve years of living with M.E. these relapses still have the habit to scare 'the poop out of me...'

Lying in the bath to deal with muscle pain, I suddenly felt very unwell. Got out of the bath, but had to sit on the floor in order not to fall. Heart/and heart beat jumping out of any possible part of my body. Feeling of fainting close at hand. After full bed rest for 16 hours, I feel some bit in control of my day again.

I wondered this morning, do I start -Round Two of my 'Day-journal? But decided just now that I will keep counting. I only 'lost' 16 hours, not 24...

Even with the positive meditations/hypnotherapy session and telling myself and others "I AM GOOD" will not stop the M.E. from wanting to take control. Wanting to be heard.

I will continue with my tour, although in a lower key.
Here some pages of my book Hatched- a Creative Journey Through M.E.

The background...
Being so ill felt like I given a chance to re-start my life in a way. The theme of Eggs-Hatching- to flying became the motto which made it's way through my art and writing.
Seven years of diary writings were reduced to a few words, 'poem like', to give a little glimpse of my life, the good and the challenging. The illustrations are art-works that I created during this same period

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