Saturday, August 20, 2011

Isn't she beautiful

I would like to introduce my
Garden Room Studio
The past few weeks have been incredibly exciting.
My dream of about two months ago is really coming true. A place of my own... my studio "the garden room".
Dan created a wonderful strong base to build the studio on. Strong enough to have a rooftop swimming pool... Well we have to dream right...
Christopher helped me to create a new pathway and do a lot of digging, and clearing.

base of studio and new pathway to...
I realised more and more that this project was more than just a building.
It is a statement.
I am back.
flat pack studio!
Last Tuesday my brother and nephews arrived to start the building of the actual studio. Joop had worked out, and build the frame in his workshop in Kenmare. A flat pack studio! All very exciting to see if it would fit!

Duyn Design Team
It did! 
By lunchtime on Tuesday I could see what it would look like.
almost there
The building has been created with so much love and pride that I feel this has been embedded into the wood and makes for a very happy building indeed.
My deepest gratitude to all involved so far. X

Isn't she just beautiful!

My Garden Room Studio is much bigger
than it looks from the outside.
Today or in the next few days the electricity will be put in and the studio will be insulated.
I am dreaming of the day I can move in.

I will have the best view of my garden from this lovely, inspiring building.

Lucky me.

Adrian made this video of the building.

See here for pictures of how it was, 
and here to read about my journey back to being an artist
and here for a reminder about the sale of artwork


Björek said...

ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! it's so dang cute!!!!

Corina Duyn said...

Cute indeed. I am in love! :-)

john said...

Dutch/Irish craftsmanship at its best !

Wondeful xxx

di said...

i think i could happily fit in there. maybe i will stow away on a flight to ireland , take up squatters rights ,and greet you one bright sunny irish morning.

Corina Duyn said...

Thanks John, Thanks Di, and thanks also to all the well wishers who commented on this new adventure via email and facebook. It's lovely to have your thoughts embedded into my studio-Garden Room!

And Di, the sun is shining and I hope to greet you one morning. Wouldn't that be wondeful!

XX Corina

Kirsten said...

LOVE the studio, LOVE the 'i am back' statement...what a gorgeous gorgeous place - can imagine a lot of creating is going to be taking place in there. XXOO

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you my dear friend.
I have started moving in and the space is even more exciting than I could have imagined.
Love it.

Now all I have to do is create 'things' other than create the space. :-)