Friday, October 29, 2010

Day Fifty: Writing a bestseller?

Busy with writing today, and if I had even the slightest notion that I will be able to enter the TV3/Poolbeg competition, then I you won't
see me here again until Christmas... (which reminds me, don't forget to order your Christmas cards from the Little Wings Shop )

Anyway they're asking for a completed novel between 100.000 and 120.000 words before 17th December.
Just checked and I have about 6000 words... and a few thousand words elsewhere on the computer, and many many more in my head, but I don't think they count in this case

For those of you in Ireland who have been working on a novel a bit longer, here are the details:
  • Write a Bestseller
  • Imagine seeing your name on the bestseller list in 2011?
  • If you've ever dreamt of being a published author now is your chance to make it happen. The Morning Show with Sybil & Martin have teamed up with Poolbeg Press, Ireland's leading publishing house, to offer you the prize of a lifetime -the chance to see your novel published and on bookshelves around the country.
  • For more see: Article
  • See here for an entry form
Bye now,
Back to work!

PS, a great website for writers in Ireland:

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