Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day Twenty four: Republishing Hatched?

At the bottom of every new blog-post I add a label: Photography; Writing; Nature, Day, M.E. etc, to note the main topic of the blog. Some have more than one label. There are now more posts with the label Day, then there are posts with the label M.E. Just a little observation!

The recent (renewed) interest in my book Hatched- A Creative Journey Through M.E. is touching me deeply. The comments bring me closer to what I love best, and would like to continue to do; writing and creating. Thank you all!

Some comments:
"Have finished reading "Hatched". A few pages in, I found tears rolling down my cheeks. Not necessarily bad tears, but tears of both empathy and relief - somebody (you) has shown me, by having the courage to publish, that others experiences are so like mine. At times we feel as though we struggle on trying to explain how it is... and you have done that Corina in a simple, beautiful, and human way.

The spider moving in the room, wondering whether to shower, achieving goals like walking down the road, when years ago that would have meant nothing. I have been in the midst of those thoughts, observations and feelings. Not fitting in the illness box - I don't belong there either. I think I would place myself in the Fledgling chapter - getting there, but a way to go yet!"

"This book has touched me Corina, as I'm sure it has many others, in places only those who have truly been there could touch. Thank you.'"

"Reading Corina's little book 'hatched". It is beautiful. Really beautiful . She has inspired me to pick up my poetry pen and find a special writing pad, then I may be able to put pen to paper again after these mind numbing years. The first will be the hardest. Thanks Corina-you give me courage."

"U took me on a journey and I almost felt like I was standing nearby watching U go through a life changing experience. I can only hope that one day U will be well again. U have such an amazing talent and its heartbreaking that U can't enjoy as U should. Life can be so cruel, but maybe one day that will all change for the better!!!"

As I said, I am touched, really touched!
...But.. this leads me to a minor dilemma. I only have about twenty Hatched books left, and am now debating if I can republish. In my mind, the next edition will have some additional pages/introduction and I probably won't include the DVD. But... where do I find the money to print? Unless a publisher is interested to take on the book.

Any help/suggestions gladly accepted!

And if any of you would like to own a copy of the first edition of Hatched, please go Shop or to "Two Book deal" for the current offer.

Thank you for your support and interest.

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