Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day fourty: Driving

To escape the computer for a while (lots of work done last week on editing Hatched - Re-Hatching?) I took myself off to Town. In the car!

While driving I thought about some of the peculiarities of having M.E..
For example, I drive with a hand control, which means no legs involved in the driving, but more to the point, both hands are always busy. One with the pull and push leaver, which works the accelerator and the brake, while the other hand is on the 'steering knob'. This is fine as long, you don't have an itchy nose; the sun shines too brightly (love it!) in your face and you need sunglasses... you want to turn the radio on, or you have to sneeze and you can't out your hand in front of your nose or get a tissue... until you get to a traffic light, a red one- but the first light is at least 15 minutes from home.
One plus, I won't get penalty points for driving with my mobile phone in my hand!

Another thought was that I have a mobility scooter in the back of the car and a mighty hoist to get it in and out. A plus is that I can park in disability parking spots. Free of charge.

I am proud to drive again, even if it means I can only go a short distance, have a survival kit on board: water, food, blanket, pillow, mobile phone, and that I have to sleep for an hour after returning home.

Who cares?
I got out!
On my own!
Free as a bird!

Ps a most wonderful rainbow appeared just now over the field at which I look out from my study window.


John said...

Yep...you have to look at the positives :O)

Long time ago, before I became really ill, I borrowed a car from a friend whose car is adapted. Found it really unnerving to use the hand controls. Had auto box too when I'm used to manual. Felt like I was being driven by the car instead of other way round.

Whooohooo to going out

John said...

You might like this


Corina Duyn said...

Thanks John, appropriate! Free as a bird alright!

dianne said...

What a strange world . i get excited and feel really chuffed because a lady on the other side of the world drives a car to town. but I do - and am .
and a rainbow to add to the pleasure ! double chuffed.eggscellent( see the hatched reference !!!

Corina Duyn said...

Are you getting Hatched Dianne?