Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day forty-nine: Shadows

shadow of the 'people in my family tree'

It might be a strange notion, but I like shadows.

Shadows can create images at times more wonderful and interesting than it's original.
Take a plant in the windowsill at nighttime. Illuminated by a streetlight, the shadow on the wall takes on a completely new identity. Spidery- Spooky- Ready for Halloween

Walking in the low hanging autumn sun, my shadow is long. I am TALL! And my walking stick is not recognisable as a stick any longer.
(...may I divert a little, I was walking on a beach a while back and my shoes left an imprint in the wet sand. For some reason, my stick did not. This REALLY excited me! No stick!)

Anyway shadows. The shadows of the telephone poles over the field in this same autumn sun, stretch out to the end of the field.

Distortion. Beauty. Intrigue.

Last night I was sitting in my study, under a wall light. My Family Tree sculpture - on which I am still working- stands across the room. The shadows of the 'people' I see in the tree-stump were clearly visible on the wall.
I 'found' a new figure in it too - a dancer- only visible because of the shadow.

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