Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day Twenty Seven, Ballynelligan (2)

As I wrote in yesterday's blog, the walk to Ballynelligan fills my mind with all sorts of creativity and gratitude. No more so then a few weeks ago, when during a walk, I was thinking about the Family Tree Project I am doing with fellow artist Spark Deeley.
During the last time we worked together, we talked about possibly using a real tree branch as part of our project....
There it was. Lying on the side of the path!

I dragged it across the path to hide it, just in case anyone thought it to be a nice piece of firewood.
Days later I drove my scooter over the path... a painful, bumpy ride... and of course had the misfortune to be greeted by a group of about fifteen teenagers. All laughing at me.. Ok it must have looked funny, to be carrying this rather large piece of wood, in between my legs, bumping over the path on a scooter...
I am now working on that piece of wood and am creating our 'ancestors' that I see hidden in the branches and twigs.

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